02 June 2019

SomeBody Needs Rest

Working hard makes a body tired

but so does stress!

My son is living with me, and that's not easy.

He's a grown man of 34, but he's also a "kid"

in every sense of the word when it comes to

"adulting".   For the first month, I didn't charge

him rent because his accounts were hacked

and he needed a little breathing room to get

caught up again.  But he's got creditors knocking

on doors, and needs to step up his game with a

plan for his future -- namely, making sure he gets

his credit score up so he can (at some point!)

rent his own apt again!  I let time slide, to see

if he would get things taken care of .....  lol

Today, we sat down and made a payment schedule

through his bank so that bills are paid first, THEN

he has his spending money. 

Yep, I'm all about the *tough love* , always have been.

19 May 2019

No-Sun Day

Sunday afternoon and it's a bit

dreary and overcast.

Perfectly matches how I've been

feeling these past couple of weeks.

Life has taken some eventful turns.

My son called me out of the blue

and said he needs to move back home.

And it had to be the upcoming weekend.

Of course, being just prior to inventory,

I was scheduled to work.  So I hired

GoShare -- think Uber with trucks.

After being alone so long, it isn't easy

living with your adult children.

Add to it the fact that my job is changing

in a big way - because of corporate changes.

Every day is stress-filled, only to come home

and have stressed filled evenings as well.

I should be out walking; instead I'm enjoying

having the house to myself for a bit!

14 April 2019

Cheat Day

A brief respite from the daily chores

and a very long work week.

With inventory looming large,

loads of drama with one gal on my team,

and one more of my team on vacation,

we're feeling short handed and overwhelmed.

Today is a day for rest, a little Netflix binge,

and a cheat day that includes pizza!

29 March 2019

Hello, Spring!


the morning light

is just too perfect

for my creative side

to ignore

It's been a while since my last post

because I'm attempting to do "adulting";

to take care of pesky things

that need to be done.

This year I'll turn 60

and the future needs to be addressed.

Or arranged for:   Adulting done!

7am, the sun rises and that first light

is magically golden.

Happy Spring, my friend!

31 January 2019

See Ya, January!

Happy to see January come to an end!

It's been a chilly January here in the 

Valley of the Sun -- but nothing like the rest

of the US has it! 

I've been working hard at being good

to myself

with healthy food choices and 

some added exercise each day.

My phone app rates my "nutrient score"

when I log foods, my goal each day

is 85 out of 100.  I achieved that twice

this week!  Today was only 74, but 

I had to fast through breakfast 

for a blood work update.  

Exercise goals include more flexible muscles

but as this photo shows, I can no longer get

my chest to the floor!  lol 

Isn't getting older just awesome??

21 January 2019


How many Mondays

have come and gone

since you said

"I'll start next week!"  ??

Take action -- start today!!

Time to start on some kind of plan.

I don't like to think of it as

"diet and exercise" because it implies

things that aren't true!

For me, it's enough to concentrate

on being the healthiest version of me

that I can be. 

I made this resolve the day after

I had pizza and a beer for dinner. lol

It's a balmy 68 degrees, just perfect

for being outdoors!

17 January 2019

Shades of Orange

The sky takes on shades of orange 

during sunrise and sunset, 

the color that gives you hope 

that the sun will set only to rise again.

-Ram Charan

After a frenetic week

full of work, making appointments,

and trying to get things caught up

this band of orange light from sunset

came streaming in my window.

I dropped everything to create a photo - 

because light is everything in a photograph.

When I was 10, I got to choose the colors

for my bedroom, including my carpet.

I chose shades of orange for the room.

I often wonder if it was part of who 

I was to become that made me 

enjoy those sunset oranges?

15 January 2019

Lovin' Hats

A chilly weekend

with rain and clouds

and very little sun

makes it a good weekend

to get over a cold -

but lousy for photo ops!

A crazy mad hatter hat

for this crazy hat lovin' gal!

13 January 2019

The Mad Hatter

I knew who I was this morning, 

but I've changed a few times since then.

~From Alice in Wonderland

Here I am sporting a crazy hat

I found for a dollar.

There's just something about a hat .....

Otherwise, ignore how peaked I look

as I've come down with a cold and

have spent nearly the entire weekend

in bed.

and not in *that* way.  lol

06 January 2019

Hello 2019!

Do not try to be the best

Just do your best.


A new year,

a new beginning.

I'm not a resolutions maker

but more of the kind who evaluates 

what was, to see how to be better.

I allowed my focus this past year

to be on things that didn't enrich

the creative side of me.

It is my hope, and my goal,

to be better with my creative side.

What are your wishes for the New Year, my friend?