24 November 2018

Edited Update

Old photo with a little editing
as I'm in no mood to get naked.
This was "hell week" at work
and I had some very hellish shifts

My step tracker showed 23k steps
on Thursday alone .... I thought
the day would never end!
Nothing like Retail + Black Friday
to make work so much fun.

To add to it all, my cousin who was
61 years old went in for open heart
surgery to repair a valve.  As he was
being prepped, his heart stopped.
They fought to bring him back, and
he was on life support for 7 days
and then died. 

This past week seemed unending.
Friday after work, I came home, ate
and crawled into bed at 5:30 pm.
I didn't wake up until 7am Saturday!

Welcome to this year's Holiday Season!
Is it January yet?  heh heh heh

10 November 2018


Hello my friend

a very subdued day for me

I worked 6 days, 50 hours

and was exhausted.

One day off and back I go again.

So I re-used this photo.

Another family health issue has come up

and frankly, I'm beginning to freak out

about growing old -- or rather

not being able to grow old!!!

How many of us say

"I wish I'd taken better care of ...."

If you haven't, start now.

There's no better time than the present!

I'm going to try, too.

06 November 2018

On A Whim


On a whim, I picked up a bundle

of fall flowers to brighten my home.

02 November 2018

There Is No Why

"Here we are, trapped in the amber of this moment. 

There is no why.".  ~Kurt Vonnegut

A friend sent me this quote (Thank You!) 

it got me thinking about

blowing out the black candle

and letting go of what's in the past.

I have struggled for more than six years

trying to deal with, or work past,

all the issues I've had with Elvis. 

I had a nice six month break -- 

and truly appreciated it!

But I have to wonder if there's something

in my past that I've not dealt with?

It's like learning a lesson about a given

situation.  If you don't learn the lesson 

you're supposed to learn, 

does the Universe keep sending you 

the same thing over and over

until you learn it?

And if that's the case, WTF am I

missing with this Elvis character??

Or is this just another case of 

"There is no why." 

I think I'm happier with that answer.