20 September 2018



Blown in with the night

All this beauty captured in a frame .....

That's the opening lines to a Gov't Mule ballad

called Beautifully Broken and for some reason

is resonating with me tonight.

What does it mean to be beautifully broken?

To be a beautifully broken girl 

means to see our brokenness not as a punishment 

but as someone's misuse of our own empathy and kindness.

Or as Wiki put it:

"the art and philosophy of repairing a broken object 

with elegance and grace using gold or silver, 

not hiding the imperfection 

but honoring and embracing it 

as part of the history of the object.

18 September 2018

Two fer One

All you need is

Love ....

and a dog

Just another

fun filter

to keep things


(this one is Candy)

It's still impossibly hot and they are

predicting rain for the next two days.

Hot rain = humidity

and frankly, I'd rather have hot!

Work has been impossibly busy

and frustrating with construction crews

trying to do their jobs, while the rest of us

are trying to do ours; at the same time,

customers are trying to shop.

Is it November yet???

05 September 2018

The End of the Day

At the end of the day,  tell yourself gently:

"I love you, you did the best you could today

and even if you didn't accomplish all you had planned,

I love you anyway."

Sometimes I get so busy

and so caught up

in the junk and the everyday stuff

that I forget to appreciate

all that I did today.

Instead, there are nights when

I lay in bed, thinking about all the

things that *didn't* get done.

Tonight, I'm happy with all that I did!

and tomorrow's another day.