26 August 2018

Fire Filter

What matters most

is how well you walk through the fire.

-Charles Bukowski

Wow.  Some crazy news

that tickled me down to my toes!

After all the back and forth,

the anxiety and yes, a little fear,

Elvis was in the building Friday.

After his meeting with upper management

it's been determined that it would be in

his best interest if he accepted a position

at another store!    Total relief ! ! ! !

Good Karma payback??

I don't care how it's categorized

it's a huge weight off my shoulders!

In celebration, another pix

I didn't like in real, added a Fire filter

and this grew on me on so many levels!

25 August 2018

Smoke Filter

Some people 

walk in the rain

others just get wet

-Roger Miller

We had another storm

roll through the other evening

I had just gotten out of the shower

when the rains hit

so I had to dash outside!

Weirdly enough, even though

the temp was 104, the rain was chilly!

I utilized one of my many options

to filter this photo - it's called "smoke".

I like the black and white, always have,

but I like the added ethereal look 

it gives to the plants! 

(I've noticed I tend to filter the photos

that I don't like very much!)

18 August 2018

Be a Warrior

Face forward

Stand your ground

Lift your sword

and let the enemy

see the lovely face of a hero.

-Lisa Bevere

That will be my mantra

as I face the coming week.

17 August 2018



There is nothing wrong

with change.

If it is in

the right direction.

-Winston Churchill

Just another shot of the

brooding evening

I allowed myself.

A day of rest and recoup

tomorrow will take care of itself.

16 August 2018


"Mama always told me that I should play nice

She didn't know you when she gave me that advice..."

Thank goodness my home 

is my sanctuary

a place I can go to be alone

to recharge and renew

but that will have to wait

until tomorrow.

today I am brooding

because I was informed

that Elvis is making a comeback.

Yes, they overturned his termination

and he's coming back to work.

To that end, I have decided that 

I will be doing a "duck and cover"

to avoid crossing paths with him.

Should he attempt to engage me in 

conversation, my phone will be in hand

recording the whole thing.

Because he has gotten his third overturn

he will no doubt act like he's 

"cock of the walk"


a Force to be Reckoned with.

I told management that if I'm forced

to work with him again, I will be

looking for a transfer to another store.

I'll brood for the rest of the night,

then I'm done.  

He isn't worth my time.

05 August 2018

Perfectly Me

Love your curves

and all your edges

All your

perfect imperfections

-John Legend

I'm not perfect

but I'm perfectly me.

The last of the evening light

shines on a white door

more computer playtime

creating art

while Sadie snores at my feet.

03 August 2018

Curves, not Angles


lives in curves, 

not angles. 

- Mason Cooley

Here it is, August already.

still hot in the Valley of the Sun

stuck indoors for the time being

and experimenting with 

light, shadow and curves.

Happy Weekend, my friend!!

01 August 2018


   Image result for 59 birthday   

Age is just a number

that has little to do

with how you feel.

Age does not define

the strength that lies within.

Age is a work of art.