27 July 2018

Being Happy

The greatest challenge in life

is discovering who you are.

The second greatest is

being happy with what you find.

Kermit the Frog always sings

"It ain't easy being green ..." (listen here)

He finds a way to find the good

within the bad.

I like to think that I do that too.

It's not always easy being happy with

who we're meant to be.

But every day, I'm trying.

22 July 2018

Alive and Well and Grateful

"So damn easy

to say that life's so hard

Everybody's got their

share of battle scars

As for me, I'd like to

thank my lucky stars

That I'm alive and well.

And today, you know,

that's good enough for me

Breathing in and out's

a blessing, can't you see

Today's the first day

of the rest of my life

And I'm alive and well"

I seem to be hooked on a loop

of country music

that reminds me to focus

on the positives in life.

I assume it's a symptom of

being submersed in work

and not doing the things

that make me happy

or feed my soul.

Time to work on changing that.

20 July 2018

All the Mysteries ...

“There is no

greater journey

than the one that

you must take to discover

all of the mysteries 

that lie within you.”

– Michelle Sandlin

At this stage in my life

I find I'm still discovering

all the little things

that make me tick.

When I was a kid, 

I thought that once 

I became an adult, 

I could quit all the learnin'

-- only to discover that it never ends!  

Thank goodness :)

18 July 2018

Every Day Heat

"Heat makes

things expand.

So I don't have

a weight problem ....

I'm just hot!"

It's 7am, already nearing 90 degrees.

(and this quote made me chuckle!!!)

The sun breaks over the horizon

of the other houses around me

and shines on my patio.

While I love a good morning,

the summer heat can quickly

zap your energy!

An odd Wednesday off work

and doing nothing much of anything.

Fill the dishwasher, grill up some burgers

and that pretty much sums up my day!

What's your day like??

11 July 2018

Time Flies .....

We've all heard it said,

or said it ourselves:

"Time flies when you're having fun!"

This photo was taken 5 years ago

to nearly the day.

It's hard to imagine so many years

have gone by.

And yet I keep noticing that

every little task keeps me busy

and time just flies on by.

At work, time is "measured"

by the week.  I have seven days to prepare

for the next loads to go out on a truck.

At home, time is measured

by all the little things that go with

owning a home, with living a life

that needs to make a living.

And then there's this little blog

where I watch -and share-  my progress

in creating some kind of art.

Time sure has flown by!

09 July 2018

Busy? Just Do It

"You are so busy being you

that you have no idea

how utterly unprecedented you are."

--John Green 

When you're the homeowner

and sole breadwinner

everything lands in your lap.

So to speak.

When something needs doing,

there isn't someone to call on

to give you a hand every time

you need one.

So you just "do".

(Even when it's 110+)

Whatever it is, you just do it.

I know that's a Nike phrase

but it's also the mantra

of this single working woman!

02 July 2018

Get Ready ....

I don't understand why people

have to "get ready" for bed --

I'm always ready for bed!

A typical Monday

means a long day

and extra busy at work.

When I get home

all I want to do is

collapse into bed! 

A quick hello to Sadie,

a simple, filling meal,

a cooling shower

and yep, I'm ready for bed!!