30 May 2018

Make Art

When things get tough

this is what you should do:

Make good art.

~Neil Gaiman

Just when I thought things

would slow down

they're just as busy as ever.

I feel as if I'm striving to 

find some semblance of balance

and then .... THEN things will

slow down and be calm again.

In the mean time, 

good or not,

I'll keep posting my 'creations'.

Happy June, my friend!

23 May 2018


All we have

is all we need.

All we need

is the awareness of

how blessed we really are.

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Taken after a hot walk 

(100F! with Sadie in her stroller)

and a cool shower ...... 

The sun begins to set

and leaves spots of warm sun

all over the yard.

Each day I realize more and more

how much of a homebody I am.

Shopping?  Out to dinner?

No thanks.

I prefer my own backyard!

17 May 2018

Ready for a Break


Everything is running right on schedule.

-The Universe

I got over the hump of our dreaded

"inventory" - a 53 hour work week

has never been my intention!

(Thank goodness I'm not salaried!!!)

And just when I thought I could 

catch my breath

every time I turn around 

I seem to be the person who's 

filling in for everyone else's 

vacation time! 

So I put in for a few Fridays

to hopefully coincide with 

my weekends off ....... !

I'm ready for a break!!

02 May 2018

A Light At .....

There's a light at 

the end of the tunnel! 

Another day off

in a long stretch of work

and the light at the end

of the tunnel is 

fast approaching!

I'm looking forward to 

less stress and less work hours -

I've put in for a few days off

in both June and July ......

because I really need them!