03 April 2018

Dream Fit

One post, two photos

because I couldn't decide

which post-production

I liked better

The details come out well

in the darker version

but I like the dreamy look

of the second version

What I didn't like was the bra itself.

"Dream Fit" , white satin and lace

and I can never pass up a bargain

at $1.00 !!  (Gotta love a good clearance sale!)


This will not hold up for work! 

By the end of the day,

I couldn't WAIT to get home and out of it!

I'm too physically active to wear something

that doesn't mo-o-o-o-o-ve with me. 

I swear, men must design these things.

Or women without a real need for one.

Just because you make the same version

as a size A doesn't mean it will work

for the rest of us!  *chuckling to myself*

It's Granny Bras for this ol' lady from now on!

(unless, of course, it's Date Night!)

1 comment:

  1. Damn! Honestly that's a beautiful pair. Dreamy and contrast both look so damn good. No. Don't wear that for work. DO WEAR that for date night! Such a lovely pair. :) Thank you!! - KT