27 April 2018

Number 23

a l l   t h e   w o m e n .

i n   m e  .

a r e   t i r  e d .

Long ago ..... (waaaaay back in September 2000) ...

SheDaisy had a song that kinda spoke to me

or maybe it even resembled me?? 

because I think every woman has more

than just one kind of woman inside

...... and the chorus of the song explains it all!

"Number 5 just cries a river a minute

7 wants to tie you up and drown you in it

Yeah, 14 just wants to say so long, bygones

32 wants to do things to you that'll make you blush

10 will key the El Camino that you love so much

And there ain't nobody wants to mess with 23 ...... "

Listen here....

It's been that way at work the past week.

Every day, a different issue to solve -- and quickly!!

because our annual inventory is 10 days away.

and the closer we get to the date....

the more I seem to resemble Number 23!


24 April 2018

Much Better!

Thank you

for all your good wishes ......

I am feeling much better

and took a stroll around the yard

after my evening shower .....

And it's "Hello, Summer!"  

We hit the (dreaded) first 100 degree day!

(and yes, my AC is on!) 

Have a happy, healthy week! 

21 April 2018


Thursday, around 2pm,

I started feeling really

really terrible.

So I headed home.

And crawled straight

in to bed.

Three hours later

and every hour thereafter

I was running to the bathroom.

Turns out,

food poisoning!

I woke up Friday morning

and had lost 10 lbs overnight!

Not good!!

As much as I wanted

to do a happy dance

I knew this wasn't the way.

I'm resting lots

and taking good care of ME!

Laugh all you want, but a photo

with 10 lbs less is a much wanted photo

in my opinion!

17 April 2018

Too Busy

I'm too busy

to tell you

how busy I am!

That pretty much sums up

the past two weeks .....

all work and no play

makes for a very boring gal!

I chose to post these two pix

because it's how I feel

every day when I come home:

there are a million little things

that should get done and I'm a

devilish whirlwind trying to do

a lot in just a little bit of time!

It'll all get better AFTER

May 8th

03 April 2018

Dream Fit

One post, two photos

because I couldn't decide

which post-production

I liked better

The details come out well

in the darker version

but I like the dreamy look

of the second version

What I didn't like was the bra itself.

"Dream Fit" , white satin and lace

and I can never pass up a bargain

at $1.00 !!  (Gotta love a good clearance sale!)


This will not hold up for work! 

By the end of the day,

I couldn't WAIT to get home and out of it!

I'm too physically active to wear something

that doesn't mo-o-o-o-o-ve with me. 

I swear, men must design these things.

Or women without a real need for one.

Just because you make the same version

as a size A doesn't mean it will work

for the rest of us!  *chuckling to myself*

It's Granny Bras for this ol' lady from now on!

(unless, of course, it's Date Night!)