10 March 2018


Sadie and I were enjoying some

outdoor time in the backyard.

With cloudy skies, the sun

found a hole to peek through

and shine on the trunk of my palm tree.

I had an idea and a vision! (of course!)

I wanted the streaming sun to shine on me

and to achieve that, I leaned against the

trunk, but the sun hit me in the face. 

To stand taller, I stood on a rock,

bare ass against the tree.

Rock slipped, and I slid!

splinters in my ass! 

The bark of a palm is rough, 

but like all desert plants, 

the thorn or splinters also have

a chemical compound that slightly burns.

One or two splinters isn't quite as painful

as many!  My ass felt on fire!!!!

.... until the aspirin and sleeping pill kicked in! 

lol    What a way to end the week! 

Happy Weekend! 


  1. I uh, don't know what to say. I will say your bra is pretty and the image you described sounds a lot like that pin up girl, Hilda. Always getting in trouble. Could be worse, right? :) - KT

  2. Yes, Hilda was always getting into trouble! Sometimes, I have days like that as well. Thank goodness they are few and far between! Thanks for the note, KT! ~Gal