28 March 2018

I Get Off

You don't know that I know,

You watch me every night

And I just can't resist the urge

To stand here in the light

Your greedy eyes upon me

And then I come undone

And I could close the curtains

But this too much fun......

Confession:  I heard this song by Halestorm

and thought "how can I put that in a picture?"

Grab the camera, set it up

then wait for dark.

With no idea how this would work

I took a couple quick shots and

called it a night.

While this could have been an

elaborate setup with different clothing

this was me.... and my natural habitat!


  1. damn. damn. damn. That's very hot especially with the voyeur look. Yeah. very. Thank you! KT

    1. Gotta love random song lyrics that make you want to put it into an image! Thank you! ~Gal

    2. keep it up. It's creatively hot and with tasteful language. KT