31 March 2018

Tired Out

“I'm smiled out, talked out, quipped out ........ "

Here it is, another Saturday.

In the past 20 days

I have had only 2 days off 

and I'm ... getting ... kinda ... tired.

I can't decide if I need a hug,

an extra large Diet Coke

2 shots of Patron (ice cold, please!)

or 2 weeks of sleep!

And just maybe, all of the above! 

"This should let up soon"

I whisper to myself.

I'm in the very early stages of

training a replacement for Elvis.

A huge amount of stress gone,

my days are much brighter.

Now my only hope is my 

"apprentice" catches on quickly.

What I normally can complete in 

four hours on my own, took me 

seven hours today, and wasn't complete

before I left work.   

Training is a daunting task.   *siiiiiiigh*

28 March 2018

I Get Off

You don't know that I know,

You watch me every night

And I just can't resist the urge

To stand here in the light

Your greedy eyes upon me

And then I come undone

And I could close the curtains

But this too much fun......

Confession:  I heard this song by Halestorm

and thought "how can I put that in a picture?"

Grab the camera, set it up

then wait for dark.

With no idea how this would work

I took a couple quick shots and

called it a night.

While this could have been an

elaborate setup with different clothing

this was me.... and my natural habitat!

26 March 2018

On Being Alone

Being alone

is very addictive.

Once you start

loving your own presence,

you stop chasing people

in your life.

My entire life was always spent being

someone's something: 







and a whole host of other roles

Now that I'm alone,  it's very freeing!

I can have a bowl of cereal for dinner

if I want.

I can eat dessert instead of a meal

if I want.

There's something very free

in making your own choices

to please yourself.

24 March 2018

Two Mondays?!?

B e   y o u r s e l f

b e f o r e   y o u   f o r g e t

w h o   y o u   r e a l l y   a r e .

Another long-feeling day at my job

It's weird being off on Thursday .....

it makes Friday feel like Monday

and Saturday feel like Tuesday.

With that kind of thinking,

I'll have two Mondays in one week!


23 March 2018

Black Lace

"Do not judge my path,

you haven't walked in my shoes ....

or ridden my broom."

~A.M. Galdorcraeft

Instantly gravitated toward this quote.

With my thorn in my side gone,

I've been working many days, 

many hours, with little time off.

While trying to find a replacement,

I find management asking odd questions.

I'm sure its related to Elvis and the rumors

he spread about my inability to work with him.

It's made me question my own abilities;  

I'm finding as I get older, I have less and less

tolerance for people with less work ethic 

than I have myself.   I've had to deal with 

a lot of BS over the past 6 years, so don't

judge unless you've walked in my shoes.

Which summarizes what I told the bosses

when they asked me about the work relationship

that wasn't working.  

On a happier note, everything is better when

you slip into some black lace, don't you agree?

13 March 2018

Life's Curves

With very little time on my hands

for the next few weeks, 

I had to stop a moment and post!

Sometimes, life throws you curves

most times, those curves aren't welcome,

But this week, I got one that IS!!

My co-worker Elvis was terminated.

It's been a long time coming. 

Do I dare gossip a bit?

He liked to sit down to do his job,

and was told on Thursday that his job

is not a sit-down job.  Over the weekend,

he decided to use the rolling stool that 

is used for doing paperwork - NOT actual work.

When they discovered what he was doing,

they terminated him.  His excuse?  He knew

he couldn't sit in a chair, but thought the stool would be OK.

He came back in today to ask for his job back.


Frankly, how could a grown man (of 68 years)

not understand that being talked to by management

meant business?!?!? 

10 March 2018


Sadie and I were enjoying some

outdoor time in the backyard.

With cloudy skies, the sun

found a hole to peek through

and shine on the trunk of my palm tree.

I had an idea and a vision! (of course!)

I wanted the streaming sun to shine on me

and to achieve that, I leaned against the

trunk, but the sun hit me in the face. 

To stand taller, I stood on a rock,

bare ass against the tree.

Rock slipped, and I slid!

splinters in my ass! 

The bark of a palm is rough, 

but like all desert plants, 

the thorn or splinters also have

a chemical compound that slightly burns.

One or two splinters isn't quite as painful

as many!  My ass felt on fire!!!!

.... until the aspirin and sleeping pill kicked in! 

lol    What a way to end the week! 

Happy Weekend! 

09 March 2018

Through the Holes

Peeking through

the holes

which is how

life has felt

this past week!

I have my shares of work issues

and no matter how hard I try,

no matter which road I attempt,

it's never the right road ......

no matter how much time is wasted

or stolen

no matter how many mistakes

are caught and reported,

he comes up smelling like a rose.

We've all had that person

cross our path from time to time.....

this one's been my burden

for six.  long.  years.

Next post, I'll tell you how I got

splinters in my ass!

03 March 2018


With the cool weather

that's pushed into our Valley

I've been craving two things:

A fire

and a hot dog cooked over a fire!

There is nothing like the taste

of a good hot dog cooked over

an open flame!

So I indulged my desire

and built a small fire

and cooked me a hot dog!

And of course Sadie got in on it too!