27 February 2018

Being Home

The older i get,

the more i appreciate

being home

doing absolutely nothing.

Never was a statement more true!

I've had some much needed days off

and I only left home once .....

because my car needed gas

and my Sadie needed groceries!

I tell myself "you need to get out more"

and myself answers back, "but whyyyyy?"

25 February 2018

Backyard Light

“Wherever there is light, 

one can photograph.”

~~Alfred Stieglitz

It took a huge effort

to bring out the camera

and try for a shot.

It's been unseasonably cold here,

frost every morning for days straight.

And after working many long hard days,

I lost enthusiasm for doing anything

beyond vegging out on the couch.

I'm looking forward to a much better week

*crossing my fingers* 

How's your weekend going?

18 February 2018

Home Sweet Home




no matter how often I travel

to see my family

while it may still feel like "home"

because it's still the house the family

bought back in 1966 ---

I'm old now, and my home

is my only home sweet home!

It was a good trip, always fun to see Mom,

For some reason, my first day in Calif

is spent suffering through a migraine.

My Mom's 80th birthday was celebrated at

her favorite restaurant. 

We did a little shopping.

And watched some Olympics!

13 February 2018

Be Somebody

If you wanna 

be somebody

you gotta 

rock a bow tie!

A quick throwback photo ....

just got home from a trip to see Mom

in California - it was her 80th Birthday!

Just can't let that one roll by without a visit!

04 February 2018

Spring Sunshine

"She was actually learning to love Arizona. 

The beauty and color and solitude, 

the vastness of it had called to something deep in her...."

Ok... so it's not so "vast" in my own backyard

but still, when I visited Arizona back in 2007,

I felt a calling and knew it would be home.

It took a year to get things rolling, to find a job,

pack up all my things, then load them in a truck

that I would drive cross country, towing my car

behind me!  It was a grand adventure, and 

about the scariest thing I've ever done!

But I did it.   It was tough, but mile by mile

until I couldn't drive any longer, I'd stop

for the night, only to carry on and do it all again

the next day.  It took nearly four days to get all

those miles eaten up.  I lived on peanut butter

sandwiches, pretzels and bottled water, because

I never knew where I would stop.  You can't just

pull up to a drive-thru window in one of these things! 

It was 10 years ago this month when I did this.

Where does the time go?   It's so hard to believe

it's been this long, and yet I feel as if I just arrived!