14 January 2018


The mind

should be allowed

some relaxation,

that it may return

to its work

all the better for the rest.   


From mid-November til mid-January,

work is very intense in my position

at my BigBoxStore.  It has always been

this way, and I've become accustomed to

setting my mind to the intensity, and

tend to live and breathe work,

coming home to grab a bite, fall into bed,

only to do the same the next day. 

My one day off tends to be utilized in the

normal ways:  chores!

This was finally my weekend to relax.

To let my mind be away from it all.

My only chore today was to give Sadie

a bath, and then warm ourselves in the sun.

It's been a perfectly lovely weekend, and

tomorrow I return to the grind.  I know that

I will walk into a mess -- I always do.

But I won't let my mind think about it

for another 12 hours. 

My only job today is to relax.

In the last rays of the day

streaming in  my window.


  1. its why we need such rest. Every day in its own way a battle.

    Great quote:

    "We are unwilling to spin out our awaking thoughts into the phantasms of sleep, which often continueth precogitations; making cables of cobwebs, and wildernesses of handsome groves." (Thomas Browne on sleep & dreams in The Garden of Cyrus, 1658. Such prose...)


    1. Every day can certainly be viewed as a battle! Good quote, thank you for sharing! I, for one, often combine sleep and dreams, remembering them the next day. And find myself puzzling over finding their meaning in real life vs the life I live in my head. heh heh heh

  2. What a pleasant surprise. A Gal taking her well deserved rest. Here's hoping you do it often.

    1. Certainly need to do it more ... now that the whole Holiday Season is over!! thanks! ~Gal