29 January 2018

Dark Side

"Dark Side of the Moon"

is the phrase that has been with me all day.

I awakened in the middle of a dream last night

where someone was randomly slashing throats

of women with my first name.  I was in a panic

and even though awake, convinced it was real

and found myself throwing things into a bag

to escape .... to where at 2am on a Sunday night?

*shaking my head*  It was intense and the only

way I could go back to sleep was by remembering

that my first name isn't listed in the phone book.

lol  Not many use one of those any more!

Whatever I ate for dinner? is no longer on my list!!!

24 January 2018

Solar Lights?

I just finished walking Sadie

when I realized it was the right

combination of dusk and my

new solar yard lights coming on.

I dashed out and snapped this

without realizing the solar lights

aren't in the frame!

So here's something more post-creative

than it is photo-creative!

Is it Friday yet?????

21 January 2018


When I was young

I used to wish

I would fit in.

I'm glad

I didn't

get my wish!

~Steve Maraboli

It's OK to live a life

others don't understand.

I know we all have those moments

where we might wish for

something different.

But I'm finally in a place where

it just doesn't matter

that I'm not a normal woman!

I never have been,

but I used to apologize for it.

Not anymore.

20 January 2018


Be Bold

Be brave enough to be your true self!

Just a quick selfie on a dreary day -

no sun, a little rain

and wind bringing in cold temps!

I was surprised when I opened this shot --

and know that I couldn't duplicate it if I tried!

Work life has been pleasantly slowing down -

not yet a crawl, but at the end of this past week,

I'm finally seeing daylight!

My son came over to help replace a shutoff valve

so the dishwasher could be installed -- and I'm such

a lucky mom, he installed it and I didn't have to wait!

I cooked him dinner, we had a nice visit, and I sent

him on his way, tucking a little extra cash in his pocket!

14 January 2018


The mind

should be allowed

some relaxation,

that it may return

to its work

all the better for the rest.   


From mid-November til mid-January,

work is very intense in my position

at my BigBoxStore.  It has always been

this way, and I've become accustomed to

setting my mind to the intensity, and

tend to live and breathe work,

coming home to grab a bite, fall into bed,

only to do the same the next day. 

My one day off tends to be utilized in the

normal ways:  chores!

This was finally my weekend to relax.

To let my mind be away from it all.

My only chore today was to give Sadie

a bath, and then warm ourselves in the sun.

It's been a perfectly lovely weekend, and

tomorrow I return to the grind.  I know that

I will walk into a mess -- I always do.

But I won't let my mind think about it

for another 12 hours. 

My only job today is to relax.

In the last rays of the day

streaming in  my window.

13 January 2018

Chilly Morn'

Chilly or not, I can't resist the sunshine!

It's Saturday morning,

frost on the neighbor's rooftop.

Ok... desert frost. 

The morning dew shone white 

in the early light!

Up early, as I always am, 

it's a day of waiting for repairmen.

(Forgetting the cliche of older single women...)

It's the day for my semi-annual inspection of

my heat and air conditioning unit.  All's good

and ready for the summer temps!

Now I'm waiting for a dishwasher to be 

delivered and installed.  

05 January 2018

New Year, Same Me!

O n l y 

s e e k

t o   b e 

m o r e

o f 

y o u r s e l f !

How many of us make New Year's Resolutions?

and how many of us keep them

longer than a week?

longer than a month?

all year??

Yeah, me either.

I finally stopped making them.

I am still the same me, no matter

how many times I told myself I would

do this or that to make a "better me".

So I'll just keep being the same me....

because I'm already freakin' fabulous!

lol  --  I'm OK just the way I am!

01 January 2018

Happy New Year!




I hope 2018

is a good year

for everyone!

I started my "celebration" at 6pm

with a couple of sparklers,

then heading for bed! 

I worked today, and I work Monday,

there's not much Holiday in retail!

(Not my best, but I'm tiiiired!)

Wishing you all the best, my friend!