04 November 2017

So. Mad.

What does it take to make you mad?

(I let this post sit, debated deleting it, yet here it is...)

I don't get mad often, but there are days .....

and this has been one of those kind of weeks!

It dragged on and on - and my co-worker Elvis

made it that way.  He has been doing the

same exact job for the last six years.  I am his

supervisor.  He was coached for pouring

gasoline from a power tool into a trash can. 

He's been trying to argue his case against this

since March.  When they finally told him

last week that they will not remove this coaching, he

has become very upset.  And he has made me his newest

"target".  Most times, I can shake off bad gossip, old tales,

but he takes it to a new level.  He told one of the gals that

I supervise that three years ago I called her a b***h.  He told

another of my peers that he is going to go 'over my head'

because he needs a better supervisor.  Today he told another

guy that I was the reason this guy didn't become part of the

management program 4 years ago (I know this guy well, he didn't

want  to be part of it!).  So how do you stop a runaway gossip?

I've been taking the "Rise Above" approach for nearly

six years now, and am finding it harder each day

to be anything more than civil to this individual.

I know I need to just stand tall, and keep doing what needs to be done.

but I sure am getting tired of it all!

What would you try?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh. I am sorry you have to put up with this crap. (There is another word I wanted to say but thought better of it) I guess I am fortunate because I never had to deal with any of this type of thing in my past career.
    We heard recently from one of our grand daughters who told a similar story about one of her people. She is in a training program to become a store manager in a large chain of store. One of the women under her is so bitter and jealous because she was passed over for the same position. Every one else is supportive except this one person.
    So, your not the "lone ranger" here. Funny thing is our Gdaughter trying to "rise about it".
    Given enough rope it is hopeful for your benefit that he will at some point hang himself.
    Immerse yourself in shooting your selfie photos. It's a creative outlet.