25 November 2017

Poetry in Motion

Morning twilight turns

to a lavender sky

as the sun rises.

In the sweep of my

headlights, I catch the

soft glow of

a black machine

sleek gloss black paint

with lots of shiny chrome.

My heart thunders

as I admire this sexy machine.

We approach a red light

and stop side by side.

I rolled my window down

and smiled.

With a quick glance
Image result for gto black and white
our eyes met and held -

until the light turns green.

And in timeless fashion

he drops the pedal to the metal

and races off as

I watch the taillight glow

of this sexy 67 GTO.


  1. Just some FYI: Back in the late 70s, my boyfriend and I had a 66 GTO convertible. I've always been a fan of cars, esp old cars! with lots of chrome!

  2. haha well one can't go wrong with a 66 GTO. Sex and cars go together. I think that's a good thing. Plus I can't imagine you not enjoying sleek glossy black GTO with lots of chrome :)