12 November 2017

Morning Routine

Rise up,

start fresh,

see the bright opportunity

in each day

Sometimes, it isn't easy to do that!

I was watching an old Frazier episode

where he describes his morning routine,

he has to shower and shave, have his coffee,

a high fiber muffin, a touch of yogurt and

an untouched newspaper to read. 

If he doesn't have those things, his day is ruined!

And he's finally OK with that part of himself.

It got me thinking about my own morning routine.

I dress and get ready for work, then walk Sadie.

Neither Sadie nor I have a good day when we

skimp on our routine.  It's like having this segment

of things to do, and when they're done, your mind

is fresh to begin thinking and going about your day.

What about you, my friend?  Do you have one, too?


  1. Routines are crucial. They define who you are. If something gets in their way, it compromises your self. It's strange to think but little things we do, matter, and make who we are, matter as well. At least I think so.

    1. I agree with you! I notice it especially on weekends -- if I sleep in, the rest of the day doesn't go according to plan! Probably because I'm a morning Gal! Thanks for the note! ~Gal