13 November 2017

Free to be Me!

Out of your vulnerabilities

will come your strengths.

-Sigmund Freud

I was reading about being vulnerable today.

And it's not a weakness, it's more a strength.

People who consider themselves vulnerable

are those who feel deeply, who show others

parts of themselves that they may not be 

happy with.  And I've always felt I'm that way

too.  I allow myself to feel things, to share things,

to let a person get to know "the real me".  

But in my reading, I've also come to the conclusion

that I've shut off that part of me out of habit

because of my work situation.  

I know that I cannot be who I am, cannot share "me" 

with those I work with.  While it's not because of me, 

it affects who I am.  And I need to learn new ways

around that.   Perhaps that's why this blog works for me,

where I am free to be me! 


  1. There is enormous pressure to say what box you are from. That's how it is in our culture. The box says everything about what's inside and who else is like this. I think sharing what is inside and not being part of any such box is the most adaptable and survivable way to be. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your message! It's true, and I try not to conform to any kind of box... but since society expects it in certain cases, we all conform from time to time. It's lucky I found a way to share my own 'thing' in my own way from time to time! ~Gal

  3. Ahhh .. the curtain at the door of the temple.

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  5. Interesting thoughts. I had never considered how you are kind of torn between being yourself and conforming somewhat in other parts of your being. Your work place in particular.
    I have had the think about that myself at times in particular in the past. I am now retired so the work related pressures are no longer an issue but there are other issues to replace them.
    I have long wondered why it is that society does not seem to accept that there are some of us who "march to the beat of a different drummer.
    Fortunately for those of us who admire what you do are following you here.

    1. Thanks Charlie! You're right, those of us who march to the beat of a different drummer sometimes have a hard way to go when it comes to dealing with "the real world". It's almost like Halloween - we put on our costume, paint on a smile, and exist with the rest of them so that we don't feel as if we're being judged for being different! Viva la difference!! *hugs* ~Gal