26 November 2017

Pick Me Up!

Sometimes the perfect


is a phone call

from an old friend!

So thank you, friend,

for calling;  I was shooting

as we talked!  *grin*

A work update that's had me upset

has to do with the co-worker issue.

I took it above store level to HR,

and her advice?  "Let the system

do it's job."  My reply was that I've

tried to let that happen -- for SIX YEARS!

Sadly, because of how the "system" works,

by the end of March, the coaching(s) will

drop off and he'll be starting over fresh.


I told her and my store management that

"I'm done".  This seems to be a true sign

that I need to find a different location.

Of course, no one's doing much hiring during

the Holiday Season without major issues, so

I'll just have to bide my time until the new year.

25 November 2017

Poetry in Motion

Morning twilight turns

to a lavender sky

as the sun rises.

In the sweep of my

headlights, I catch the

soft glow of

a black machine

sleek gloss black paint

with lots of shiny chrome.

My heart thunders

as I admire this sexy machine.

We approach a red light

and stop side by side.

I rolled my window down

and smiled.

With a quick glance
Image result for gto black and white
our eyes met and held -

until the light turns green.

And in timeless fashion

he drops the pedal to the metal

and races off as

I watch the taillight glow

of this sexy 67 GTO.

23 November 2017

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's hoping you had an 

enjoyable day with family 

and/or friends!

Those of us who work retail

get the short end of the stick

prepping for the rest of the world

who want to shop for their 

Holiday gift giving! 

But no matter, I still had a nice

plateful of turkey, mashed taters,

cornbread stuffing, green beans,

covered in gravy along with the

other normal side dishes. 

Sans family. 

But after 17 years, I guess you could

say this is the norm for me.

In the mean time, I happened to catch

the last rays of sunshine streaming in

my window, so I posed just for you!

21 November 2017

My Backyard

Me:   I really want to travel!

My Credit Card:   Like.... to the backyard??

I saw this and found it humorous

because lately it seems I spend most of my time

at home.  In my yard.

And really I'm OK with that!

Travel with Sadie is difficult, at best.

As I grow older, I find that my circle of travel

is smaller.  I don't see the need to be on the go

all the time.  When I was younger, had children,

it seemed I was going somewhere.

Every single day!

So having the freedom to choose to stay home

can be a joyous thing! 

What's in your backyard?

20 November 2017

Foolin' Around

Playing around with my new backdrop

and trying my hand at some motion

at the same time.

Sometimes ya just gotta fool around.


19 November 2017

Sunday Mornin'

Starting this Sunday with a clean heart.

No doubt, no tears,

No worry, no fears.

Retail and Black Friday.

If you're involved in either parts of this,

you can attest that it's the equivalent of a

walk through hell. 

Hours upon hours are spent prepping for

the madness, and lasts less than 24 hours.

So today, Sunday, is a very restful kind of day.

An early morning stroll through my backyard

checking on things newly planted to clear my

mind and put aside worries about work.

Early morning is my favorite time of day!

15 November 2017

Sadie Smiles!

Side by side



I prefer B&W!

"Sadie ... let's go get the stroller!"

Lately, this has been how my afterwork

hours go.  We have our veggies for dinner,

then it's off into the stroller she goes

where I spend at least 30 minutes

getting in a good long walk, pushing her,

just over 1.5 miles. 

Just look how it makes her smile!

But it leaves little time for doing other "creative stuff" !! 

It's Wednesday, and we made it over the hump!

13 November 2017

Free to be Me!

Out of your vulnerabilities

will come your strengths.

-Sigmund Freud

I was reading about being vulnerable today.

And it's not a weakness, it's more a strength.

People who consider themselves vulnerable

are those who feel deeply, who show others

parts of themselves that they may not be 

happy with.  And I've always felt I'm that way

too.  I allow myself to feel things, to share things,

to let a person get to know "the real me".  

But in my reading, I've also come to the conclusion

that I've shut off that part of me out of habit

because of my work situation.  

I know that I cannot be who I am, cannot share "me" 

with those I work with.  While it's not because of me, 

it affects who I am.  And I need to learn new ways

around that.   Perhaps that's why this blog works for me,

where I am free to be me! 

12 November 2017

Morning Routine

Rise up,

start fresh,

see the bright opportunity

in each day

Sometimes, it isn't easy to do that!

I was watching an old Frazier episode

where he describes his morning routine,

he has to shower and shave, have his coffee,

a high fiber muffin, a touch of yogurt and

an untouched newspaper to read. 

If he doesn't have those things, his day is ruined!

And he's finally OK with that part of himself.

It got me thinking about my own morning routine.

I dress and get ready for work, then walk Sadie.

Neither Sadie nor I have a good day when we

skimp on our routine.  It's like having this segment

of things to do, and when they're done, your mind

is fresh to begin thinking and going about your day.

What about you, my friend?  Do you have one, too?

08 November 2017

07 November 2017

A Bit Blurry


blurry photos

are okay.

Sometimes life feels just a little bit blurry!

Things at work haven't improved

but my attitude toward it has....


If higher ups don't give a damn,

neither do I!

Sadie and I have been busy

doing a lot of walking now that it's

finally cooled off in the evenings.

And when she tires, I toss her in

her stroller and just keep on walking.

Doing something always feels better

than doing nothing!

04 November 2017

Just a Splurge!

Just a Splurge!

Every now and then

you come across something

you can't resist buying.

This week, it was a photographer's

adjustable backdrop by LimoStudio.

Not something I ever had in mind to 

want - or need - but there it was and

yep, I bought it!  

It's just a simple stand with a black

backdrop .... now it's just a matter of

figuring out what I can actually do with it! 

Looking forward to some "experiments"

this week! 

So. Mad.

What does it take to make you mad?

(I let this post sit, debated deleting it, yet here it is...)

I don't get mad often, but there are days .....

and this has been one of those kind of weeks!

It dragged on and on - and my co-worker Elvis

made it that way.  He has been doing the

same exact job for the last six years.  I am his

supervisor.  He was coached for pouring

gasoline from a power tool into a trash can. 

He's been trying to argue his case against this

since March.  When they finally told him

last week that they will not remove this coaching, he

has become very upset.  And he has made me his newest

"target".  Most times, I can shake off bad gossip, old tales,

but he takes it to a new level.  He told one of the gals that

I supervise that three years ago I called her a b***h.  He told

another of my peers that he is going to go 'over my head'

because he needs a better supervisor.  Today he told another

guy that I was the reason this guy didn't become part of the

management program 4 years ago (I know this guy well, he didn't

want  to be part of it!).  So how do you stop a runaway gossip?

I've been taking the "Rise Above" approach for nearly

six years now, and am finding it harder each day

to be anything more than civil to this individual.

I know I need to just stand tall, and keep doing what needs to be done.

but I sure am getting tired of it all!

What would you try?