16 October 2017

Strongest Weakness

He was my strongest weakness

I surrendered heart and soul

Its gonna be a long, long time

'Til I regain control

I'm still a prisoner

Held captive by his memory

He was my strongest weakness

And I'm afraid he'll always be

October always seems to bring up

those long ... lost ... feelings .....

This quote is a chorus from a song

I heard on the radio and it reminded me

of those who have passed through my life.

As with every life situation, there is always

the good and the bad, happy times, sad times,

and those moments of disagreement where

you think you'll never find even ground.

But if you're like me, you have one

who's the strongest weakness,

the one who crosses your mind

in the darkest hours of night. 

And even though it's been years,

you find yourself wishing ... again.


  1. Wow! This picture takes one from being the member of an audience, or casual visitor, to being there as a welcome and honoured guest.