07 October 2017

Rise Above

Don't get mad.  Don't get even.

Do better.  Much better.

Rise above.

Become so engulfed

in your own success

that you forget

it ever happened.

I don't know who said that, but it's been my mantra.

I work with a person who is very ... toxic. 

And as is the case when these types realize they

can't control you, they change tactics and try to 

undermine you, your actions.

I am a supervisor;  I was asked by management

to travel to another facility to do some training.

When the time arrived, I checked in with management,

and went on my way.  When I returned, my manager 

told me how this person approached her and stated that

I left the building without saying where I was going.

She said, "Yes.  But she reports to management, not to you."

He sputtered about it, and she walked away. 

When I returned, he said "You should have told me you

were leaving, it's the courteous thing to do."

I stood tall, bit my tongue, and just nodded silently.

On Monday of this same week, as I was going about my

job, he walked up and started spouting off about how

the AZ Cardinals beat the SF 49ers in football.  I just

shrugged (I'm not watching NFL games this year). 

Another co-worker said "Good morning, Lynne" and I

answered "Good morning" back to her.

And again he spouts off, talking to her as if I'm not

standing there at all and says "YOU got a good morning,

I don't even get a hello, this must be ignore Elvis week."

Again.  Stand tall.  Bite my tongue.  Nod and walk off.

After 5 years of this type of behavior,

it's the only thing I can do to save my own sanity.

** Thank you, my friend, for sharing this toxic person message with me!

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