25 October 2017

Vacation's Over

Take chances, Make mistakes

Hello, my friend.

I'm back from my mini (working) vacation!

It's always nice to get away, even if it's so you 

can work on your Mom's "honey do" list!

My son and I traveled to see her, and tackled her

list of trimming trees, painting a workbench, 

running her around town on some errands, 

we even got one step ahead and hung her 

Christmas lights!  Yes, a little early, but that's

better than her climbing on a ladder outdoors!

It's not always nice coming back to work ....

all I can say is "ugh" and move on.  Do what I know

needs doing, and just not think about the rest.

I'm not a game player, so Elvis can ride back out

on the horse he rode in on, IMO.  I'm sure another

confab with management is in my future. 

I keep wondering if these are signs that I'm meant

to make a change, to move on, find something else.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, it's good to be home!!

Thanks for stopping by :) 

18 October 2017


Night is the

wonderful opportunity

to take rest,

to forgive,

to smile,

to get ready

for all the battles

you have to fight tomorrow.

Here it is, evening time:

the sun sets earlier every day.

And I know there are battles

I will have to fight again tomorrow.

Work has become very unpleasant

on days when I have to work with

my associate who I refer to as Elvis. 

Every Monday when I return after

a weekend off, there's no telling

what he's done to create another bad situation. 

This week was no different. 

Eight work hours never dragged on soooo long.

Thank goodness for a 4-day weekend coming up!

More when I return.  Happy weekend, my friend!

16 October 2017

Strongest Weakness

He was my strongest weakness

I surrendered heart and soul

Its gonna be a long, long time

'Til I regain control

I'm still a prisoner

Held captive by his memory

He was my strongest weakness

And I'm afraid he'll always be

October always seems to bring up

those long ... lost ... feelings .....

This quote is a chorus from a song

I heard on the radio and it reminded me

of those who have passed through my life.

As with every life situation, there is always

the good and the bad, happy times, sad times,

and those moments of disagreement where

you think you'll never find even ground.

But if you're like me, you have one

who's the strongest weakness,

the one who crosses your mind

in the darkest hours of night. 

And even though it's been years,

you find yourself wishing ... again.

07 October 2017

Rise Above

Don't get mad.  Don't get even.

Do better.  Much better.

Rise above.

Become so engulfed

in your own success

that you forget

it ever happened.

I don't know who said that, but it's been my mantra.

I work with a person who is very ... toxic. 

And as is the case when these types realize they

can't control you, they change tactics and try to 

undermine you, your actions.

I am a supervisor;  I was asked by management

to travel to another facility to do some training.

When the time arrived, I checked in with management,

and went on my way.  When I returned, my manager 

told me how this person approached her and stated that

I left the building without saying where I was going.

She said, "Yes.  But she reports to management, not to you."

He sputtered about it, and she walked away. 

When I returned, he said "You should have told me you

were leaving, it's the courteous thing to do."

I stood tall, bit my tongue, and just nodded silently.

On Monday of this same week, as I was going about my

job, he walked up and started spouting off about how

the AZ Cardinals beat the SF 49ers in football.  I just

shrugged (I'm not watching NFL games this year). 

Another co-worker said "Good morning, Lynne" and I

answered "Good morning" back to her.

And again he spouts off, talking to her as if I'm not

standing there at all and says "YOU got a good morning,

I don't even get a hello, this must be ignore Elvis week."

Again.  Stand tall.  Bite my tongue.  Nod and walk off.

After 5 years of this type of behavior,

it's the only thing I can do to save my own sanity.

** Thank you, my friend, for sharing this toxic person message with me!

04 October 2017


Ohh.  Emm.  Gee.  All tuckered out.

Hello, and yes, it's about time I got

something posted!  It's been a really rough

two+ weeks.  So many changes with my 

work status.  They changed my hours.  

For 8 years, I've worked the 6-3pm shift.

They moved me to 7-4pm.

It's only an hour.  But it's making a huge

change in my life!  And I'm having a hard time

keeping up.  Literally up!  I'm ready for sleep by

7pm - I now force myself to stay awake until 8:30

so that I'm not awake at 4am, pacing floors.  lol

     ~~~~~>  It's hell getting old!  <~~~~~

My toe/foot is healing nicely, but taking it's sweet time.

With the swelling down, I can get into a shoe without

much discomfort, and while I hobble just a bit if I've

been sitting down for a while, once I get moving,

I'm good to go!  

Thanks for thinking of me and stopping by!