01 September 2017

Hello, September!

Hello, September

I've been waiting for you!

By the 15th, we are past the

"monsoon season" so the

humidity will go back to it's

usual 10-15%.

And the temps will grow cooler!

Today .... a high of 108, it's finally

cooled to 107 and I can walk barefoot

on the pavement ... but only for a

few moments!

Today was a wonderful Friday.

Done at work by 10am, I headed to

Planet Fitness.  I jumped on the treadmill

and set it for 55 minutes, 3.0 mph, and

covered the display.  I didn't get the urge to

peek for quite a while, and had discovered that

32 minutes had passed, and I was well on my way

to making my 3 mile mark.  I had reached that

"exercise high" and felt I could keep going and going

so I bumped it up to 60 minutes, finished at 65, and 3.25 miles.

Whew!  It felt so good!

Back in the day when I had a personal trainer he taught me

to always finish strong.  To the beat of a Beach Boys tune,

I finished the last 3+ minutes in a slow jog.   Six hours later

I still feel pretty good .... but I'm sure I'll feel the pains tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

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