19 September 2017

Love Chooses

Remember that you don't choose love; 

love chooses you. 

All you really can do is accept it for all its mystery 

when it comes into your life.

-Kent Nerburn

Hello again, my friend!

It's been a busy week, a long stretch of non-stop work days

with a badly sprained pinky toe, causing a swollen foot and

broken blood vessels.  But it's healing.

I chose this quote because it reminds me of a toast from "Frasier"

An obsession kicked in and I'm watching the series over yet again

And now I know why.   It has to do with not wanting to get married

but doing it anyway; of hoping a Knight in White Armor would

rescue me and declare his love.  (Only in fairy tales, right?)

It finally kicked in why I like the episodes where Niles 

wants Daphne, and Daphne runs out on her own wedding.

I realize now that if I wanted something different, it was 

up to me to find the nerve to choose.  

I didn't.  Daphne did.

And I applaud her.  

And while it's somewhat of a (comedic) fairy tale .....

Love fuels the reason(s) to go after your dreams.  

They won't come to you without your own efforts.

13 September 2017

... and one more.

There's something about light coming through a window

that makes me grab my camera and shoot.

Just a little more of me and my weird!

11 September 2017

Me. Weird.

"Weird is my nature,

my way of being,

don't mess it up."

--Gaby Hinojosa

Just feeling a little .... off my game today.

An odd Monday - no work, and it's too hot to play.

I had my flu shot on Thursday, maybe I've been 

feeling a little bit of that over the past few days.

Definitely weird.

Do you ever feel that way too?

I never know what to do with it.

So it hides, gets pushed behind "the norm"

until it goes away.

02 September 2017

Backyard Babe

Friday Motivation:

This is the year I will be



Kinder &


This year I will be fierce!

As I get older, weight loss as a goal just doesn't work.

My body says "nope" even when I say "ohhh yesss"

Image result for 8 lbsAnd it's a struggle.  Every.  Single.  Day.

I decided two weeks ago to change my goal

to focus on being healthy and strong.

And to my surprise, I've lost 8 pounds!

It's still not easy.  It never will be.

But I am strong, tough and resilient

and I can do this!

Hello, weekend.  What are YOUR plans?

01 September 2017

Hello, September!

Hello, September

I've been waiting for you!

By the 15th, we are past the

"monsoon season" so the

humidity will go back to it's

usual 10-15%.

And the temps will grow cooler!

Today .... a high of 108, it's finally

cooled to 107 and I can walk barefoot

on the pavement ... but only for a

few moments!

Today was a wonderful Friday.

Done at work by 10am, I headed to

Planet Fitness.  I jumped on the treadmill

and set it for 55 minutes, 3.0 mph, and

covered the display.  I didn't get the urge to

peek for quite a while, and had discovered that

32 minutes had passed, and I was well on my way

to making my 3 mile mark.  I had reached that

"exercise high" and felt I could keep going and going

so I bumped it up to 60 minutes, finished at 65, and 3.25 miles.

Whew!  It felt so good!

Back in the day when I had a personal trainer he taught me

to always finish strong.  To the beat of a Beach Boys tune,

I finished the last 3+ minutes in a slow jog.   Six hours later

I still feel pretty good .... but I'm sure I'll feel the pains tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!