23 August 2017


We all have

within us

a center of stillness

surrounded by silence.

~ Dag Hammarskjold

Why is it that when these should be "the golden years",

that life should be slowing down to a manageable pace,

I feel busier than ever?

I know that back when I was raising kids, I was running

from one thing to another, just so things were ready for

the next hectic day.

And it still feels that way, to an extent.

Perhaps because I feel time pressing against me,

and the need to get all that I want said and done

out there.

Immersed in a family project, I find myself writing about

memories on a daily basis.  Which is a good thing.  But it

all takes time.  Frankly, I thought it might spark some

lively bits of conversation among the kids - my own,

my nephews, etc.  It hasn't.  I don't think they've reached

the age where they have finally realized that who they are

has a lot to do with where they started, where they came from.

Maybe some day.

I was dashing around the house, and the light coming through

my back window was lovely .... so I snapped this quickie for you!


  1. In that still place, surrounded by silence, is where reside that soft clear voice. The voice of reason; the voice of love; the voice of the Devine You. It is maybe our inner grace.

    1. Thanks John... and it seems to be the one place I try to find each and every day! *hugs*