20 August 2017


“Do what makes your soul shine.”

Hello, Friend!  I've been away from this

for a little while as I've immersed myself

in some genealogy research projects.  

Yes, plural!  

I created a place to post photos of when me 

and my siblings grew up, where I can put comments

and descriptions about what was going on, who was 

in the photo (and sometimes why!)  and just general

comments about the house we grew up in.  Because

my mom is STILL in that house they bought in 1966.

Many things have changed, and it's fun to watch the 

changes through the photos that my dad took.

I'm also researching old family history and putting names

and dates to the old photos I got from my grandmother's

things back in 1995.  She had a lot of old photos, some

of folks I didn't know.  But with a good family tree I can 

usually narrow it down to one or two people ....  :)

It's a great project for an overheated summer when I can't

get outdoors with Sadie.  Hurry up, Fall!  I'm ready!!

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