25 August 2017


The light fades, and the desert twilight winks briefly.

Just before bed, I take a moment, 

a simple pause from the chaos of life

because there's more to life than the mere details.

It is here in this quiet hour where thoughts come,

where there is just a little bit of peace 

and I can stop and be grateful for all that I have.

Thanks for stopping by! 

23 August 2017


We all have

within us

a center of stillness

surrounded by silence.

~ Dag Hammarskjold

Why is it that when these should be "the golden years",

that life should be slowing down to a manageable pace,

I feel busier than ever?

I know that back when I was raising kids, I was running

from one thing to another, just so things were ready for

the next hectic day.

And it still feels that way, to an extent.

Perhaps because I feel time pressing against me,

and the need to get all that I want said and done

out there.

Immersed in a family project, I find myself writing about

memories on a daily basis.  Which is a good thing.  But it

all takes time.  Frankly, I thought it might spark some

lively bits of conversation among the kids - my own,

my nephews, etc.  It hasn't.  I don't think they've reached

the age where they have finally realized that who they are

has a lot to do with where they started, where they came from.

Maybe some day.

I was dashing around the house, and the light coming through

my back window was lovely .... so I snapped this quickie for you!

20 August 2017

Six Years Already?

August 14, 2011.  This was my first blog post.

And now, six years have gone by.

I'm not sure I even remember my original hope

for this blog.  That hope shifted to something else

somewhere in 2014, I think.

And now, it's just become a place for me to

exercise my photo skills, if you will.

I no longer think I'll find "that certain someone".

I've been blasted with a few bad comments,

a few choice words,  I've blasted a few of my own

right back at them.  And that's not me.  I don't

enjoy it, and refuse to be engaged in silly

discussions about my choice of photography.

It's not porn, it's art.  It's not meant to offend or entice.

If you don't like it, or it bores you, then move along.

Plenty of other things to see on the 'net.

I'm chuckling to myself ... the backyard was so bare

back then!


“Do what makes your soul shine.”

Hello, Friend!  I've been away from this

for a little while as I've immersed myself

in some genealogy research projects.  

Yes, plural!  

I created a place to post photos of when me 

and my siblings grew up, where I can put comments

and descriptions about what was going on, who was 

in the photo (and sometimes why!)  and just general

comments about the house we grew up in.  Because

my mom is STILL in that house they bought in 1966.

Many things have changed, and it's fun to watch the 

changes through the photos that my dad took.

I'm also researching old family history and putting names

and dates to the old photos I got from my grandmother's

things back in 1995.  She had a lot of old photos, some

of folks I didn't know.  But with a good family tree I can 

usually narrow it down to one or two people ....  :)

It's a great project for an overheated summer when I can't

get outdoors with Sadie.  Hurry up, Fall!  I'm ready!!

12 August 2017

Old School

Yes, I stole this piece of "advice" from 

somewhere on the 'net.   Shame on me! 

But it's good advice.   And every so often,

I need a reminder.

Pardon the look of this photo.  I have spent

the last two weeks immersed in family history.

So much has been digitized lately! 

It's so exciting to find and share tidbits ---

my great grandfather ordered his farmhouse

from the Sears & Roebuck catalog!

Feeling my age, and looking at photos from .....

goodness!! Some of them are 100 years old now!


Have a wonderful week, my friend! 

09 August 2017

Some Days

Some days, she has no idea how she'll do it

But every single day it still gets done

Some days, life seems like more struggle

than it should be.  At my age, shouldn't

these be "golden years"??

Ahh well.  I'm busy and I just keep on going

Some days I come home feeling like I was

the Energizer Bunny, running without stopping.

I tell myself "this too shall pass" ... 

Hello, friend, and thanks for checking on me!