02 July 2017

Yoga Morning

"I will pull myself out of bed today.

I have slept enough

I will face all this ugly

with every sense of beauty in my bones."


No gym today

there are chores to be done

so a little morning yoga

to stretch out the kinks

(yes, hello, Sadie!)

Every morning

we are born again.

What we do today

is what matters most.


My yoga form is far from perfect but it's a 

process, i won't get better if i don't practice!  

It's taken me 57 years to get into the shape

i'm in, changing that won't happen overnight! 

Two weeks into the gym routine, lost 3 lbs.  

Which can be gained right back with one very 

juicy Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger!

But that isn't what's important this time.

My goals are simply to become more

healthy.  My treadmill goal started with

1.5 miles in 30 minutes, now it's 27 mins.  

It's not much but it's progress!  

My Aunt got her wings yesterday; as she told me

she's completed her journey to heaven! 

Sending her all my thoughts and love today!

I will miss her dearly.

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