26 June 2017

One Step

note to self:

i don't have to take this day

all at once but rather

one step, 

one breath, 

one moment

at a time.

I am only one person.

Things will get done

when they get done.

Mondays can be the hardest day for me:

the beginning of a week, the ending of the weekend,

and a whole lot on my plate that needs doing.

Some days I handle it better than others.

When the prospect of change feels overwhelming,

that's when I take a step back and get back to

one step at a time.

At work.  At home.  Even with goals

that I set for myself.

It all starts with one step.

Some days it feels like one step forward,

then two steps back.

But I keep striving for one step at a time.

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