02 June 2017

Dog Talks

"No one appreciates the very special genius 

of your conversation as much as the dog does."

    -Christopher Morley

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If you're a dog lover,  'nuff said!

Yes, I talk to Sadie .... probably more than I should!

She's good company, and never judgmental!

There are days when I grumble and complain

about something she's done .... my dog is like

having a permanent  2-year old, very needy.

But she keeps me on schedule!

Last night, the first game of the NBA Finals
                     (Go Warriors!)
was on TV.  I was watching in the living room

on the bigger screen.   7pm rolled around and

she began to whine at me .... and didn't stop

until I turned off that TV and headed in to the

bedroom to finish watching the game.

SHE knew it was bedtime!

And wasn't about to let me forget it!

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