28 June 2017

Az Summers


Where Summer spends the Winter,
and Hell spends the summer!

Where hot water comes out of both taps!

Where you can get a sunburn 
through your car window!

Where the best parking space is determined 
by shade, not by distance!

When the temp drops below 95F, 
you feel chilly!

Where your seat belt makes 
a pretty good branding iron!

We joke about our hot summer temps,

and yes, they can be quite hot!

It's been over 112F for 11 days straight,

with no relief in sight.  It's a little early

for this much intense heat, but perhaps

that's an indicator of the amount of rain

we can expect in our monsoons?

So here I sit, looking out instead of being out

in the backyard.  I will have to make time to

water my plants.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!

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