30 June 2017


The window is the

absence of the wall,

and it gives air and light

because it is empty.

Be empty of all

mental content,

of all imagination

and effort,

and the very absence

of obstacles

will cause reality to rush in.

-Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Never heard this quote before,

it drew me in.

I never considered a window

being an absent wall,

or thought about what

a window gives:  air and light.

May all your rooms have a window - or two!

28 June 2017

Az Summers


Where Summer spends the Winter,
and Hell spends the summer!

Where hot water comes out of both taps!

Where you can get a sunburn 
through your car window!

Where the best parking space is determined 
by shade, not by distance!

When the temp drops below 95F, 
you feel chilly!

Where your seat belt makes 
a pretty good branding iron!

We joke about our hot summer temps,

and yes, they can be quite hot!

It's been over 112F for 11 days straight,

with no relief in sight.  It's a little early

for this much intense heat, but perhaps

that's an indicator of the amount of rain

we can expect in our monsoons?

So here I sit, looking out instead of being out

in the backyard.  I will have to make time to

water my plants.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!

26 June 2017

One Step

note to self:

i don't have to take this day

all at once but rather

one step, 

one breath, 

one moment

at a time.

I am only one person.

Things will get done

when they get done.

Mondays can be the hardest day for me:

the beginning of a week, the ending of the weekend,

and a whole lot on my plate that needs doing.

Some days I handle it better than others.

When the prospect of change feels overwhelming,

that's when I take a step back and get back to

one step at a time.

At work.  At home.  Even with goals

that I set for myself.

It all starts with one step.

Some days it feels like one step forward,

then two steps back.

But I keep striving for one step at a time.

23 June 2017

Photobombed by Sadie!




In other words,

pleeeeeeeease let me up!


Yep, that's my Sadie.

Always wanting to be

right there.

All.  The.  Time.

21 June 2017

Heat Wave

Day 4 of what looks to be like

a week long stretch of Extreme Heat days.

It can zap your strength and your spirit.

Having the new car helps - it cools off quick!

But when the dash shows an outdoor temp @ 120 degrees......

just what is cool??

I make it through my mornings ok,

keeping busy helps.

But when day is done, and the temps are still climbing

I find the coolest spot in the house ....

Temporary at best!

Is it September yet?

18 June 2017

Water Play

Summer's here in the

Valley of the Sun

and keeping cool is

what it's all about....

Even adults like a little

water play!

Post# 1100 --- wow!

16 June 2017

Being Free

Be Free.

Just Do It.

Ok, I know they're ... platitudes if you will.

but today, I did it!

I joined Planet Fitness.  I've really missed

the gym, my workouts, and no matter how

often I did my little "home routine" ... I have

a small interruption hovering at my feet.

Yes, I'm talking about Sadie.  As much as I 

enjoy having her around ...  

So I decided that I'll take a little bit longer 

lunches and dash over to PF.   I'm looking

forward to a little bit of time to myself :)

Here's to a little bit of hard work and progress!

Happy Weekend! 

13 June 2017

House Cleansing

"Negative energy may not stay

I release it and send it on its way

Negative energy I banish thee

and is my word so mote it be."

When my mood begins to slide

toward a darker side of me, 

I like to smudge out the

negative energy in my house. 

Ever careful, I set my smudge stick

in a mug .... for safety's sake! 

I make my own smudge stick using

the sage that grows in my backyard

along with a branch of my eucalyptus

called Moon Lagoon.  

Forgetting that the darker room slows

the camera lens creates a bit of blur! 

09 June 2017


“Each time a person passes by you and you say 'hello', 

imagine that person turning into a candle. 

The more positivity, love and light you reflect, 

the more light is mirrored your way. "

― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun

A quiet Friday afternoon with a nap

turns into a quiet Friday night

and I'm reflective.

A rough work week ended with saying "Goodbye"

to someone who meant a lot to me.

I wish him luck in his new career

but for purely selfish reasons wish he was staying.

Life moves on, and we move with it.

04 June 2017

Rock Stack

Stacking stones has become a big issue in Arizona.

Our soil is not held together by much, so moving a

rock to make a stack can change the whole eco-system,

according to some.

I'm a fan of the occasional stack of rocks when I'm out

in nature, and sometimes, if there aren't any others around,

I might stack my own.

In my own yard, and in my house, I have a few stacks.

I enjoy collecting rocks, and am always picking up one

if I find it interesting in one way or another!

02 June 2017

Dog Talks

"No one appreciates the very special genius 

of your conversation as much as the dog does."

    -Christopher Morley

Image result for quotes about talking to dogs
If you're a dog lover,  'nuff said!

Yes, I talk to Sadie .... probably more than I should!

She's good company, and never judgmental!

There are days when I grumble and complain

about something she's done .... my dog is like

having a permanent  2-year old, very needy.

But she keeps me on schedule!

Last night, the first game of the NBA Finals
                     (Go Warriors!)
was on TV.  I was watching in the living room

on the bigger screen.   7pm rolled around and

she began to whine at me .... and didn't stop

until I turned off that TV and headed in to the

bedroom to finish watching the game.

SHE knew it was bedtime!

And wasn't about to let me forget it!