22 May 2017

Mi Vida Loca

I'm exhausted

from trying to be

stronger than I feel.

That pretty much sums up

how I've felt all weekend.

Friday night I got the dreaded call.

They totaled my car

which means I now have to buy something.

And quick.

And get rid of this rental car.    UGH

Making decisions when it's my choice to make

them isn't as hard as having to make decisions

because you're forced to do so.

I wandered a dealership on Saturday, but it was

too soon to know the financial end of things.

And it was too hot to be crawling in and out of

cars that have been closed up in the midday sun.

All the stress has made me unbelievable tired.

If I sit down to for a moment, I fall asleep.

I even dozed off on Friday night watching TV

with a slice of pizza in my hand.

That's my crazy life!    Mi Vida Loca

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