27 May 2017

A New Day

The sun rises

with every new day

When things aren't going well

You can count on the sun to rise

Each new day is a new beginning

It's up to us to make the most of them

It's been a chaotic two weeks for me

and with each day,

with each challenge that cropped up

I got to the point where I had to take

things one small step at a time.

Lunch hours became that little window

of time where I could deal with one task each day.

Making a phone call.

Having papers notarized at the bank.

Dropping papers off at the FedEx office.

It was "one day at a time" against my To Do list

Thursday's lunch hour was spent at a Dealership

Walking among a "sea of Cruzes", I spotted The One.

Way in the back, because that's just how my luck is!

3 cars had to be moved so I could test drive

It had enough options to please, without extra options I'd never use

(like a moon roof).  The paint job is called Pepperdust -

a little gold metallic over this light grey paint.

Three hours later, I was back at work, happy with my new purchase

.... and a slight dread over having car payments again!

But with each new day, each new challenge, I'll make it work. :)