31 May 2017


I searched for a good quote

about legs

and came up short!

In a power of positive thinking

sort of way:

"My legs are sturdy and strong;

they take me places I want to go."

I gave up years ago yearning for

long slender legs like a dancer might have.

That's just not who I am.  Nor will I ever be!

And that's ok with me.  Now.

In this photo experiment, I was trying for

some kind of reflection in the water.

But when the concrete is 120+ degrees,

the water doesn't have a chance to stick around!

Welcome to Summer in Arizona!

(And of course, Sadie didn't miss her chance

at being in the pic!)

27 May 2017

A New Day

The sun rises

with every new day

When things aren't going well

You can count on the sun to rise

Each new day is a new beginning

It's up to us to make the most of them

It's been a chaotic two weeks for me

and with each day,

with each challenge that cropped up

I got to the point where I had to take

things one small step at a time.

Lunch hours became that little window

of time where I could deal with one task each day.

Making a phone call.

Having papers notarized at the bank.

Dropping papers off at the FedEx office.

It was "one day at a time" against my To Do list

Thursday's lunch hour was spent at a Dealership

Walking among a "sea of Cruzes", I spotted The One.

Way in the back, because that's just how my luck is!

3 cars had to be moved so I could test drive

It had enough options to please, without extra options I'd never use

(like a moon roof).  The paint job is called Pepperdust -

a little gold metallic over this light grey paint.

Three hours later, I was back at work, happy with my new purchase

.... and a slight dread over having car payments again!

But with each new day, each new challenge, I'll make it work. :)

22 May 2017

Mi Vida Loca

I'm exhausted

from trying to be

stronger than I feel.

That pretty much sums up

how I've felt all weekend.

Friday night I got the dreaded call.

They totaled my car

which means I now have to buy something.

And quick.

And get rid of this rental car.    UGH

Making decisions when it's my choice to make

them isn't as hard as having to make decisions

because you're forced to do so.

I wandered a dealership on Saturday, but it was

too soon to know the financial end of things.

And it was too hot to be crawling in and out of

cars that have been closed up in the midday sun.

All the stress has made me unbelievable tired.

If I sit down to for a moment, I fall asleep.

I even dozed off on Friday night watching TV

with a slice of pizza in my hand.

That's my crazy life!    Mi Vida Loca

18 May 2017

Soft Light

"To really fly

you must claim the courage

to live out of your real self .....”

― Paula Rinehart, Strong Women, Soft Hearts

Just a moment to pause

in soft light

in a soft nightie,

ready for rest.

It's been a trying week and

I'm ready for a weekend!

16 May 2017

Short Side Note

Short little note.  On the way home from work Monday

I was rear ended by a guy - no insurance, a witness said

he watched him weaving in his lane, the cops said his

license plate doesn't match the vehicle.

I'm OK, my car's a little smushed up.

Could have been worse!

Deductible is $2500, and the car rental is on my dime.

If it was only going to be a 3-4 day repair, I would take

the time off work, but this looks a little more extensive.

I'm driving a sweet little Mazda3, black on black with

leather bucket seats.   Not a fan, gets too hot in the desert!

A little shaken up, but no worse for wear!

Thanks for your good thoughts :)

14 May 2017

Yesterdays and Tomorrows

You don't get rid of yesterday by talking about it all the time;

you get rid of its effect on you by moving forward.

I saw this quote and thought about it a long while.

and I think in my own life it took me a lot of time

to figure this out.  Mind you, I know other women

who never figure this out, and they're stuck.

I prefer to just keep moving forward. 

However, I have my own issues with this as well.

Because along with a "keep moving forward" mantra

I'm also stuck with "work before pleasure" 

and as many of you know, sometimes our job it never done.

In my own case, what I do in my BigBox store never ends.

It's a constant stream of 'job security'  so I've had to learn how

to break it down into pieces to allow me to feel as if my day

was accomplished and as complete as I could make it. 

Not an easy task for someone who tends to be a workaholic!

Fleetwood Mac's song comes to mind, seems to say this very thing:

Why not think about times to come,
And not about the things that you've done,

If your life was bad to you,
Just think what tomorrow will do.

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow,
Don't stop, it'll soon be here,

It'll be better than before,
Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.

(Sorry, is that tune stuck in your head now too??  *giggles* )

13 May 2017

The Real Me

"I am too intelligent, too demanding and too resourceful

for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely.

No one knows me or loves me completely.

I have only myself."

-Simone de Beauvoir

this resonated with me today. 

I was looking at quotes and wondering what would

speak to me.  I found one that says "Yes, I'm single ..... 

and you'll have to be fucking amazing to change that!"

got a real good chuckle out of that one!  

but the one I chose spoke more about the real me,

the me I don't acknowledge very often.  

12 May 2017

Hello Again!

"I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me.

I have accepted fear as a part of life, specifically the fear of change and

the fear of the unknown, and I have gone ahead,

despite the pounding in my heart that says:  'turn back'."

-Erica Jong

Hello my friend!

I have been gone for a bit, 

life has been extremely hectic.

Making time for frivolous things

hasn't been on the agenda for a while.

To sum it all up, work has been unbearably

busy, I've averaged aprox 50 hours a week 

for the past three weeks.  Mom and Sis 

dropped in and stayed with me for three days

while visiting my aunt, who has cancer.  

She said "I'm not doing chemo, I'm 81 and lived

a long wonderful life ....  God's in control now."

She's been a force in my life!    Sis is still doing

her chemo rounds, and things are 'progressing nicely'

so her doctor says.   Mom has bucked up under the

pressure of this entire situation.  Me, I'm happy to be

on the other side of being overly busy and overly tired.

Tomorrow will be the first opportunity I will have to 

sleep in past 5am and I am looking forward to it!

So .... what have you been up to lately ??