14 February 2017


I hope you had a good Valentine's Day, my friend!

Mine was ... uneventful.  Typical day at work.

but that's ok with me!  All in all it wasn't a BAD day, so that's a plus!

When it comes to love on this greeting card holiday .....

eh, it's not something I even think about.

Everyone is at different stages in their life, 

and we're all in the exact place we're supposed to be!

Carrie Bradshaw, from the hit show "Sex and the City" 

says it like this:

“Some people are settling down, 

some people are settling 

and some people refuse to settle 

for anything less than butterflies.” 

Once upon a time, I settled down,

I also settled ....

never settle! 

We're worth so much more than that!

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