28 February 2017

Film Strip

I used a film strip frame for this because I've been watching

a lot of documentary type stuff on Netflix.  My current

fav is "The Kindness Diaries".  On a solo journey, a man

travels without money, living off the kindness of strangers

for food and shelter for a night. At times, it can be comical,

most times its very moving.  We all get so busy 'doing',

that we forget that we're traveling this same life path alongside

many other humans, and we should be kind to one another!

Today I wore a copper necklace, a gift from my sister's

best friend, designed with a purple stone (purple for pancreatic

cancer) and a charm with her initials.  I also wore a turquoise

stone ring, and carried three gemstones in my pocket.

It was a much better day!

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