28 February 2017

Film Strip

I used a film strip frame for this because I've been watching

a lot of documentary type stuff on Netflix.  My current

fav is "The Kindness Diaries".  On a solo journey, a man

travels without money, living off the kindness of strangers

for food and shelter for a night. At times, it can be comical,

most times its very moving.  We all get so busy 'doing',

that we forget that we're traveling this same life path alongside

many other humans, and we should be kind to one another!

Today I wore a copper necklace, a gift from my sister's

best friend, designed with a purple stone (purple for pancreatic

cancer) and a charm with her initials.  I also wore a turquoise

stone ring, and carried three gemstones in my pocket.

It was a much better day!

27 February 2017


Wind and rain

that blow my way

whoosh away my

negative day!

I have always loved storms - wind, rain, thunder, lightning

Watching it from a covered porch is awesome!

Opening all the windows and letting it purge the indoor air

makes everything feel refreshed!

I've always been this way, but the more I read up on

empaths and negative energy, the more it's obvious that

there's a reason to like the wind!  I've been highly sensitive

most of my life, without ever really knowing why I have these

feelings, until I started doing more research.  

"As the wind blows through your hair 

and the warm kiss of the sun beams on your face, 

the energy of nature will always make you feel anew."

This is so true, for me, and if you have doubts, step outside on a windy day

and see if that doesn't make you feel better!

21 February 2017

Hearts and Sunsets

Sadie and I talk an evening walk

every day (weather allowing, of course!)

Every once in a while, something just

grabs your attention.  And sometimes

it falls softly from the sky,

like this little heart-shaped leaf!

February seems to be the month of hearts!

The sunsets here in the Valley of the Sun 

are amazing!  This is one from just the other day:

17 February 2017

Bare Footin'

"If you aren't grounded, you're like a leaf in the wind: 

very vulnerable and thrown off balance very quickly. 

But when you are well grounded, you are like a big, strong tree. 

If something happens around you, 

it doesn't influence you so much 

and you are able to feel much more peaceful 

and balanced in your daily life."

Some people call it grounded,

some call it centered.

Either way, it's not always easy to pay attention

to those little things because we find ourselves

too busy.

And when we begin to feel off balance, un-centered,

it makes everything else feel that much worse.

Or it could just be me.

I'm not myself if I don't take time for a walk,

just to sit and listen to birds, wind in the trees,

to watch the clouds, or the sun setting.

Today, I shucked off my shoes and socks,

stuck my feet in the grass.  When's the last time

your feet were tickled by blades of grass?

Do you feel the thrum of the Earth

when you take a moment to slow down?

15 February 2017

Just the Blur

Sometimes life itself is in focus

while we are just the blur.

Other times, life is like a blur

and our only focus is our self.


I feel as if I'm in some kind of transition.

I've been reading a lot;  I look for answers,

for helps, reading about others who are also

Empaths.   I came to a realization today.

One of the gals at work said "You should

smile more, you look so sad."  Well, at my age,

I've "earned" my face!   But after lots of thought,

I realized that I don't smile or ask inane things like

"Hi!  How's it going?" to people who pass me by

at work because I'm that person who, if I ask them,

they will begin to tell me things about what's going

in their lives.  And to be perfectly honest, it's not

something I need to hear.  The negative energy a

person puts out when telling things (read: complaining)

projects itself on to me, and I'm left feeling as if I've 

been through a battle.  It's not that I've lost my compassion

for folks dealing with troubled times, but I've not yet 

found my own protective "bubble" if you will that keeps

their energy from me.   Life is a process of learning and 

dealing, and this is my current battle.   

At times, I feel as if life is in focus and I'm just the blur.  

14 February 2017


I hope you had a good Valentine's Day, my friend!

Mine was ... uneventful.  Typical day at work.

but that's ok with me!  All in all it wasn't a BAD day, so that's a plus!

When it comes to love on this greeting card holiday .....

eh, it's not something I even think about.

Everyone is at different stages in their life, 

and we're all in the exact place we're supposed to be!

Carrie Bradshaw, from the hit show "Sex and the City" 

says it like this:

“Some people are settling down, 

some people are settling 

and some people refuse to settle 

for anything less than butterflies.” 

Once upon a time, I settled down,

I also settled ....

never settle! 

We're worth so much more than that!

12 February 2017

Weekend Groove

An unusual weekend for me

Out of sorts

what to do next?

my focus has been off

when I'm at home.

It's weird.  I was always

someone's wife, someone's mother

and now ... it's just me.

If something doesn't get done ... eh

it's ok, tomorrow's another day.

And yet I've this anxiety about getting

my house cleaned and minimized

because we never know how long we have

here on earth.

I have a passion for genealogy and in trying to

figure out my great grandmother's background,

I've come across her name, Ida, in an account of

some "soiled doves" and got to wondering if that's

where he met her?  Her last name has always been

mysterious, as is her background info, and this

could explain it!   I was perusing photos of

"soiled doves" and there are some excellent ones

that I've saved ... and of course, that got me wondering:

in 50+ years, will anyone look back at nudes

posted on the internet and think some were special in any way?

Here are two of my favs:

Related image

Image result for soiled doves

03 February 2017


Color?   or Black and White?

Lately, all I've been is tired.

Bone tired.  Mentally tired.  Just plain tired.

And if you Google it, there are all kinds of "helps"

and reasons and excuses about being tired.

But when life becomes just a little bit too much

we all get tired!

It's challenging to have things constantly

bombarding us, changing up our plans for

the day, making us shift gears in the middle

of the racetrack.  I'm not only dealing with

the day to day things that need to be taken care of,

but also the "what ifs" and "whens" for the things that

will happen in the future.  Taking care of Mom is my

priority - I'm sure that's what Dad would want.

The rest of things are secondary.

I've a list of stuff that needs to be taken care of when

I visit Mom - check book signature card, banking and

medical information written down so I can deal with as

much as possible long distance, if need be.  And a list of

questions that need to be answered re:  their trust.  My sister

takes care of all that for Mom because she lives nearby.

But that won't always be the case ..... :/

And it will be my job to step up.

And I like to have answers to questions before I have to .....

thank goodness there's a weekend coming up, a chance to unwind!

if only for a few hours

01 February 2017

Well Used Feet

Lately, I've been doing a lot of

walking - at work, with Sadie,

and anywhere else I can!

Wearing my FitBit means every step

is tracked, and added up into mileage.

My totals for 2016:

3,576,019 steps and 1,561 miles!  *pat on the back*

These are two tired and well used feet!