07 January 2017

Bye Bye Nightie

Hello, New Year!

Here's wishing that 2017

is better than ever!

While I am not making

any resolutions, I am

having a few vague goals

in mind:

to live happier and healthier

and more minimalistic.

A person accumulates so much stuff

over the years, and who needs it?

Of course, we'll never know what will be

some top dollar item in 2050 from our childhood

on the next version of Antique Roadshow

but who has the space to store the "what ifs" ??

Yes, I'll keep a few things that I know will

grow .... Boyd Bears, a set of Cooperstown Bears

(Yogi and Boo Boo of course!).  I have a signed

lithograph by Susan Koch, a few pieces of jewelry

that may increase, especially the native indian

turquoise pieces, a set of Nancy Drew books, 1959.

But I'm streamlining, downsizing,

or going minimalism - whatever you want to call it.

It gets old having all this 'stuff' around to deal with.

So here's an old nightie -- one photo shoot and

now it's in the trash!  No more taking up room in the drawer.

Being single since 2004, I'm not seeing a need for this

any time soon!   *giggle*

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