23 January 2017

Dark Night, Bright Day

For every dark night,

there's a brighter day! 


I'm trying to keep this as my motto,

with health and with work,

as both things can swing a person's mood

from one extreme to another.

Some days, it is a struggle.

Other days, it seems to come easier.

22 January 2017

Just BE!

When I checked in on the blog, I realized

I hadn't posted in quite some time.  Things

have been crazy here.   Lots of emotions 

going on deep inside.  My sister was just

diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Have I mentioned that already?

Shocking, as she's only 53.  And as it is

when something hits close to home, you 

begin to feel every ache and pain and wonder

"Do I have .... something too?"

Of course, I headed off to the doc to make sure

and am in the midst of all the check-up things

that are done:  blood tests, mammogram, and

then a complete physical after all the "evidence"

is in.  I like my new doc, so it should be OK.

Work is crazy busy as it always is after the 

holiday season.  I'm ready for a break from it all.

I need a little time at home to just do, just be!

21 January 2017

Just Bein' Me

How I feel about myself

is more important than

how I look.

Feeling confident,

being comfortable in your own skin --

that's what really makes you beautiful.

-Bobbi Brown

To be honest, I'm not always comfortable

in my own skin.  I see other women,

especially in the media, and I think

"Why couldn't I look like that?"

But then I have to remind myself that

I am beautiful, too!

08 January 2017

Light and Dark

"We've all got both light and dark

inside of us.

What matters is the part

we choose to act on.

That's who we really are."

-Sirius Black

07 January 2017

Bye Bye Nightie

Hello, New Year!

Here's wishing that 2017

is better than ever!

While I am not making

any resolutions, I am

having a few vague goals

in mind:

to live happier and healthier

and more minimalistic.

A person accumulates so much stuff

over the years, and who needs it?

Of course, we'll never know what will be

some top dollar item in 2050 from our childhood

on the next version of Antique Roadshow

but who has the space to store the "what ifs" ??

Yes, I'll keep a few things that I know will

grow .... Boyd Bears, a set of Cooperstown Bears

(Yogi and Boo Boo of course!).  I have a signed

lithograph by Susan Koch, a few pieces of jewelry

that may increase, especially the native indian

turquoise pieces, a set of Nancy Drew books, 1959.

But I'm streamlining, downsizing,

or going minimalism - whatever you want to call it.

It gets old having all this 'stuff' around to deal with.

So here's an old nightie -- one photo shoot and

now it's in the trash!  No more taking up room in the drawer.

Being single since 2004, I'm not seeing a need for this

any time soon!   *giggle*