25 November 2016

Got Lights?

Who's ready for some lights???

Black Friday has ended, which for my BigBox store

means it started at 6pm on Thursday.  I'm always so

disappointed in the direction Americans have taken.

There is no longer a traditional Thanksgiving.

I know I'm showing my age when I long for a

"simpler time in the past" but it's difficult watching

people's family traditions die off because of corporate

commercialism.  But it is what it is.

Now that it's over, it's time to get back to some of the joy --

which always starts with Christmas lights.  As Sadie and I

took our evening walk, several of our neighbors were starting

the task of hanging lights on the outside.  Can't wait to try

my hand at taking a few photos of them!

For myself, I'll have a small string of lights in my front

window, I'm thinking.  Although that's a bay window and

has become Sadie's favorite spot to wait for me to come home

each day, so we'll have to see if she tolerates the intrusion!


With Trans Siberian Orchestra's "The Lost Christmas Eve"

playing in the background, I'm smiling -- and almost wishing

for a little bit of snow!  (*smh*  ok, maybe not!)

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