07 November 2016


“Life doesn’t get easier

or more forgiving,

we get stronger

and more resilient.”

― Steve Maraboli,

A Yucca is known for

being strong and resilient.

Like me.

I've faced challenges,

and know that I'll face

even more for that's life.

But I never give up.

The state flower of

New Mexico, mine is blooming!

The flowers are also known as

"Lamps of the Lord"

And I'm a simple gal - thrilled when

one of my 'ugly' cactus plants bloom!!


  1. Alrighty! Nice composition, and structure, that makes even your neighbour's trees blend with backyard garden. I love all the different textures melding as a compliment to your fine skinned fulsomeness.

    1. Thanks John! Compliments and critiques are always welcome! I love it when a photo comes together! ~Gal