28 October 2016

Skin Wars

The art of body painting is fascinating,

alluring, and I'm addicted to a new show

on Netflix called Skin Wars, which is a body

painting reality competition hosted by

Rebecca Romijn.  When I first discovered it,

I sat and binged the entire season 1 in one day!

Wish I could say it's sparking my creativity,

but with all the other pressures of work and

a couple of other issues, by the end of my day

I'm just too tired to think of doing anything

but eat dinner, walk Sadie, and crash in bed.

So I experimented with some photoshop

and "body painted" this one image.

Not near the creativity of the body paint artists!

Yes, I'm chuckling at myself!

27 October 2016


An empath will go stir-crazy

if they don’t get quiet time

and the more time goes on, the

more prevalent that feeling is for me.

after a day of really busy work and the

constant interruptions of people -- by the

time I get home, all I want to do is my own

thing.  No cleaning, no chores, I just need

quiet and space.  Of course, Sadie doesn't

agree with me!  

I bring this up because I can see that I'm

back at the black and white photos, and some

of them are dark again.  A reflection of what's

going on inside?   Perhaps.   This just might be

some keen insight, as I've been feeling caught
Image result for quotes empath solitude
like a leaf in the fall, still attached to the tree,

but being blown around with every hint of a breeze.

Perhaps that just me being a little overly mystical

and it's just a reflection of the upcoming season.

In my BigBox store, we've had Christmas Trees

on display since the end of September.  UGH.

Time to find some kind of balance and quietude.

Maybe I should light the fire pit this weekend ......

roast a hot dog or two, sizzle up a couple of s'mores!

26 October 2016


You just can't apologize for being you 

nor for your emotional self, 

nor for your intellectual self, 

nor for spiritual self, 

nor for your physical self. 

It's all a part of who you are.

Hello readers!
October's been quite the month for this Gal
A trip home to see Mom
and things at work have escalated --
retail is getting ready for the Holi-daze!!
Not my fav time of year, to be sure. 

Now that the heat has (mostly) dissipated
I'm trying to get out more, 
walks with Sadie each evening.
I've also been following some of the less
mainstream shows on Netflix.  
My two favs right now:  Skin Wars
and Texas Move and Flip.

The art of body paint speaks to my 
creative side - and while I don't have the
body the folks do on this show, they DID 
paint on some sumo wrestlers in one episode
and then drag queens in another episode. 
A whole lotta fun and creativity flowing.

The Texas show I love because I really really
envy them being able to home renovate things.
My dream for years was to fix up an old house.
It didn't happen for me, but I'm working on the
fixer-uppers I can do in my own little house! 

Snapped this while in California - 
Mom just had to have a walk in the Redwoods! 

02 October 2016

Waking Up

The best part of waking up ...........

bet you sang that right along with me!

and at my age, the best part of waking up... is waking up!

Happy weekend

01 October 2016

Good Morning!

Good morning, world!

Fall has arrived and it's a cool

68 degrees this morning.....

Life has been busy here.

Preparing for a trip, my

aunt and I are traveling

to visit my mom.

Always nice to get away --

even better to come back home!