19 September 2016


Shootin' a few photos over the

weekend.  This will be a weird

work week for me.

My company has "invented"

or maybe it's created, this new

"Academy" thing.  They're sending

people through all this to learn how

to be better ... workers.   Technically,

mine is for supervisors.  And frankly,

I don't want to go.  I don't feel the

need to learn to be a better supervisor.

After 8 years in the same position, my

supervisory functions have changed

in every direction.  Every thought or

idea presented to bosses about how to

work better/smarter/more efficient

has always been shot down.

I laugh now and tell them I'm at the bottom of the pile -

that shit rolls downhill -  and I'm a mushroom.

So why spend two full days in a classroom learning things that will never apply to me?

I've done all the "supervising" I want in this life.  I've raised six kids, three husbands, and

a few dozen workers who were under my command.  I don't care to command or supervise

anyone  any longer.   The one person that I *am* in charge of gives me the "willies" -

and I've been supervising him for five years.  Mistakes that are noted are taken to management

but over the years, because of other issues, they have not pursued any avenues to correct or

"encourage him" to do his job better.  After a while, I just felt like a babysitter, I still do,

and I'm tired.  Every new manager who comes through, I mention this, say that I've had no

management support in my efforts with this worker, and I always get the same "well, I'm here

now...." line.  And that's where it ends.  This person steals time, and only half listens to my

direction.  It gets old.  Correction.  It got old years ago.  Maybe that's a sign that it's time

to move on.  Something to ponder.

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