12 September 2016

Another Monday

OK, Monday .....

let's do this! 

When you work retail, Monday could be any day

of the week.  For me, a "Monday" at work is the

first day back after being off  for a day.

Today was a true Monday on a Monday.

But because of scheduling issues, I worked on the

weekend, so today I was very busy, cramming

8 hours of work into a six hour work day.  

Really nice to be home from work by 1pm though :)

Wish I could say I'd done something constructive

to share ..... but because I love to write, I've taken

on the challenge of writing a family history.

Genealogy research has been a passion of mine for

many years; finding ancestors and relatives you

didn't know you had before is fun!  Adding family

stories and photos to the facts just makes it that

much more interesting to me.  Grandfather put his

wife in a mental hospital - no one knows the real reason.

Grandma wouldn't talk about her family history much,

she often said she thought she and her husband were

related.  My Great Aunt married her first cousin.

And large farming families were common, yet they

didn't get together on many occasions!

Just imagine how many stories have gone untold

for reasons we'll never know.....

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