19 September 2016


Shootin' a few photos over the

weekend.  This will be a weird

work week for me.

My company has "invented"

or maybe it's created, this new

"Academy" thing.  They're sending

people through all this to learn how

to be better ... workers.   Technically,

mine is for supervisors.  And frankly,

I don't want to go.  I don't feel the

need to learn to be a better supervisor.

After 8 years in the same position, my

supervisory functions have changed

in every direction.  Every thought or

idea presented to bosses about how to

work better/smarter/more efficient

has always been shot down.

I laugh now and tell them I'm at the bottom of the pile -

that shit rolls downhill -  and I'm a mushroom.

So why spend two full days in a classroom learning things that will never apply to me?

I've done all the "supervising" I want in this life.  I've raised six kids, three husbands, and

a few dozen workers who were under my command.  I don't care to command or supervise

anyone  any longer.   The one person that I *am* in charge of gives me the "willies" -

and I've been supervising him for five years.  Mistakes that are noted are taken to management

but over the years, because of other issues, they have not pursued any avenues to correct or

"encourage him" to do his job better.  After a while, I just felt like a babysitter, I still do,

and I'm tired.  Every new manager who comes through, I mention this, say that I've had no

management support in my efforts with this worker, and I always get the same "well, I'm here

now...." line.  And that's where it ends.  This person steals time, and only half listens to my

direction.  It gets old.  Correction.  It got old years ago.  Maybe that's a sign that it's time

to move on.  Something to ponder.

18 September 2016

Blowing Kisses

Blowing kisses in the wind

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Waiting for you is

Like blowing, blowing kisses

17 September 2016


"Nothin' but cowboy boots

sets your spirit free

It ain't proper, it ain't cool

but folks remember what you do

in nothin' but cowboy boots"

-Lyrics "Nothin' but Cowboy Boots"

There's something freeing puttin' on yer boots

and heading outdoors - 

leave the cares, the worries, and 

for me, my job that's been crappy lately,

and thinkin'  'bout nothing but sun and

warm breezes ... in yer boots, of course!

14 September 2016

Just Me

“Body acceptance means, as much as possible,

approving of and loving your body, despite its

“imperfections”, real or perceived.

That means accepting that your body is fatter

than some others, or thinner than some others,

that your eyes are a little crooked, that you have

a disability that makes walking difficult,

that you have health concerns that you have to

deal with — but all of that doesn’t mean

you need to be ashamed of your body or

try to change it.  Body acceptance allows

for the fact that there is a diversity of bodies

in the world, and that there’s

no wrong way to have one.”

― Golda Poretsky

13 September 2016

Being Shy

I'm not open to many people.

I'm usually quiet and

I don't really like attention.

So if I like you enough

to show you the real me ....

you must be very special!

“Deep rivers run quiet.” 

― Haruki Murakami

12 September 2016

Another Monday

OK, Monday .....

let's do this! 

When you work retail, Monday could be any day

of the week.  For me, a "Monday" at work is the

first day back after being off  for a day.

Today was a true Monday on a Monday.

But because of scheduling issues, I worked on the

weekend, so today I was very busy, cramming

8 hours of work into a six hour work day.  

Really nice to be home from work by 1pm though :)

Wish I could say I'd done something constructive

to share ..... but because I love to write, I've taken

on the challenge of writing a family history.

Genealogy research has been a passion of mine for

many years; finding ancestors and relatives you

didn't know you had before is fun!  Adding family

stories and photos to the facts just makes it that

much more interesting to me.  Grandfather put his

wife in a mental hospital - no one knows the real reason.

Grandma wouldn't talk about her family history much,

she often said she thought she and her husband were

related.  My Great Aunt married her first cousin.

And large farming families were common, yet they

didn't get together on many occasions!

Just imagine how many stories have gone untold

for reasons we'll never know.....

10 September 2016

When did it all start??

When did it all start?

Someone asked me that, so I thought I'd answer here.

It's complicated and simple at the same time.

I took this photo in Vegas in 1996/97

(My memory is foggy that far back!)

I was in the middle of a divorce, I was in Vegas,

and I had discovered chatting on the internet.

I took this photo and after seeing the result,

realized that the person in the picture doesn't

look like the girl I see when I look in a mirror.  

Realizing that is probably what made me keep taking photos.

I've been doing  this ever since!

( The second photo was to prove a point to my ex.  lol )

Why do I keep taking them?  I've always been a picture taker.

From the moment I got my first camera at age 11

I've been snapping them.  As I got older, I realized

that I'm not IN any photos, because I've always taken them.

That probably has a lot to do with taking photos now as well.

As for continuing with my photos - several years ago in a chat

channel, someone asked for a photo, and I had several choices

This person asked for all of them, and I shared.  He said

"You have so many photos, you should do a calendar."

After that, I thought "Why not?"  I'll just take a series of photos

every month, something new to share.  I was able to pick and

choose who got to see what photos on an individual basis.

But it became a chore to DCC photos to people who asked.

I started putting them on a photo site with a password,

making things a whole lot easier.

03 September 2016

Moody Days

I've noticed that when I'm feeling

a bit moody I gravitate toward

taking photos with darkness around.

And they never turn out as I expect.

(Obviously something I need to work on!)

It was one of those days that started

with a walk - Sadie and I headed to the

local park, had breakfast at home and

for some reason she was in a mood,

and would only be content if she was

laying down -- as long as I was laying

with her.  So we crawled back into bed

for a nap -- a short nap, because I wanted

to get things done today.  And I warned her

in a stern voice that if she didn't straighten up

I was going to go shopping - without her!

*laughs*  ok, so yes, I talk to my dog.  Often.

Happy weekend!

02 September 2016



and every day,

take as your

personal mantra:

I am what I am,

and what I am

is wonderful."

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sometimes I find waking up with a positive thought

- before I let the day's worries creep in -

changes my attitude about things

before my day gets started.

It worked today, it was a much better

day than the past three have been.

And that's always a good thing!

01 September 2016

Happy with Me!




These are the stresses, the triggers,

that drain me by the end of the day.

Go Shopping?  Go to a party?
Image result for quotes about "be yourself"
Those aren't things that bring me a lot

of joy or happiness.  Sure, I've done my

share of both,   But knowing now that I'm

a sensitive person, in an empath sort of way,

that looking back at the hours I would spend

at the mall - I was never in the center of things.

Parties?   You'd have labeled me a wallflower

back in the day.  And even just wall-sitting, I'd

go home exhausted, without knowing why.

It was easier not to go at all.

Thankfully as I get older, I don't go to parties,

or hang out at the mall, just to please a friend.

I go when I need to, or want to.  And the rest

of the time, I don't care if people label me "odd"

(or any other adjective) -- I'm happy being myself!