28 August 2016

Burning the Candle

Lately it feels like

I'm burning the candle

at both ends.

Changes at my job

has meant an increase

in responsibilities while

still having to deal with

a co-worker who is .....

not up to the task of

his job requirements.

And being his direct

supervisor means

that I must deal with auditing his work,

correcting his errors, and then

reporting it to management.

Which sometimes feels like a

full  time job in itself.  

Frankly, I'm of the mindset that sometimes it's easier to just

do it right myself the first time rather than delegate it to someone

who ... doesn't.   It would be one thing if he was a "newbie" but he's

been doing the same job for 5 years now and still makes the same errors.

In any job, it happens.   However, my position deals with a lot of

what we term "compliance issues" -  rules to be followed as set up

by the DOT, or state and local authorities.  For example,

when shipping aerosol cans, the box has special markings,

and the actuator must be covered by a protective cap.

That's not a company policy, it's Dept of Transportation.

When we don't follow the rules, my company

opens itself up to liabilities, be it in the form

of fines, or, God forbid, an accident waiting to happen.

Which means lately, weekends have become my sacred time,

down time, to do nothing but walk the dog, read a good book,

watch some TV .... anything that isn't going top speed for

9 hours straight!     Happy Saturday!

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