31 May 2016


“For the 


all doors 

are locked; 

for the daring, 

all doors 

are open!” 

― Mehmet Murat ildan

30 May 2016

Sound of Silence

Every now and then, I am lucky enough to find

what I consider a gem.  I'm always a bit odd in

things that I like - things outside the norm, that

don't fall into any certain category.

I collect different versions of the song "Over the Rainbow".

My all time fav version is by Eric Clapton (a little odd, right?)

but Eva Cassidy does it incredibly well, as does Chris Botti,

the trumpeter.   But I think I'm going to add another classic

song into my mix of collections:  "Sound of Silence";  that

old Simon & Garfunkel classic was recently done by

Disturbed, and his gritty, gravelly voice intrigues me, as does

the passion he pours into the song.  Since it's a metal band, I

prefer the version performed on Conan .... (watch here) 

Such pure tones *shiver*

Sometimes that's how I feel:

"... but my words like silent raindrops fell                

                                      and echoed in the wells of silence .... "

29 May 2016

Find Your Way

“.... just find your way, like a river settling into its bed, 

and the sigh of the wind over a lake, light but restful... 

content with the joy in the arc of an arm throwing a ball for a dog to fetch, 

the ease of the grassy slope stretching away, 

birds in the trees singing sweet high notes, 

flowers growing close in the ditch.” 

― Jay Woodman

28 May 2016

Cosmic Forces

Black and white has always

been something to be

fascinated by -

and work with.

The prints on the wall

are my latest addition.

It's Saturday, and cosmic

forces seem to be coming

and going all day.  I was

up early and got a lot of

chores done, prepping for a long work week.

But after, I was heading in to Home Depot

to do some shopping for some industrial pipe

to make a bookshelf in the spare bedroom;  I

took out my glasses and *snap* one of

the arms broke off.   --sigh--  I looked up

and headed over to an eyeglass repair shop.

Sadly, their hours are 10-2pm on Sat.

Closed Sunday.  And am guessing closed on

Monday for our holiday as well.  I'm back to

using my old glasses from two years ago.

Thank goodness I saved them!!!

24 May 2016


“It's my choice to be beautiful. 

It's my choice to be ugly. 

And it's my choice to decide what those words actually mean.” 

― Virginia Petrucci

Busy week by choice
I am experimenting with
building a headboard
using old pallets.  lol
Bring on the power tools! 

20 May 2016

Tuckered Out

Image result for quotes about bedtime

Some days,
that's all I need!

I'm back at the gym
and starting a few
home improvement
My son moved out,
and I'm cleaning,
and re-decorating
his room into more
of a guest room.
His "man cave" is no more.
Instead of grey, the walls
are a soft hint of blue
called "Quiet Rain". 
Every night,
I fall into bed 
tuckered out! 

19 May 2016

Which Hatterday?

May is almost over -
where did the time go?

I think I can answer that
for me :  First, there was
this wedding....  
My daughter finally! got
married, and it was such
a fun event, kept me busy
the entire month of April !!
But she's SO happy now,
and I just love my new

May was the month of
long never-ending days of
prepping for inventory in
my retail setting.  If you can
imagine a BigBox store, all the
things contained in one - and having
to count the entirety --- while the
store remains open with shopping
customers roaming around.  A team
of about 40 people come in, and just
swarm down an aisle, taking each
section at a time, and counting every
item.  Yes, quite the undertaking!

It's the one week a year before The Day
that I work odd shifts, staying til 8pm or
later, trying to get everything done.
It's both exhilirating and exhausting!
But I survived another one.
That was the 17th inventory I've done
in my current career.

Found these photos hidden on my
SD card - since I'm wearing a hat, it must
have been Hatterday!   lol