10 April 2016

Just for Fun!

“A real girl isn't perfect 

and a perfect girl isn't real.” 

― Harry Styles

09 April 2016

No Drama


“Great minds discuss ideas. 

Average minds discuss events. 

Small minds discuss people.” 

I saw this quote and immediately thought
of a situation at work with a co-worker. 
He's become fixated on a situation that I 
think he made up in his mind.  He likes to
grow tomatoes and make home made salsa -
always a good thing in the southwest! - 
but for some reason his plants all died. 
He's convinced that it was the result of 
two co-workers who colluded and found out
where he lives, climbed over his balcony wall
and purposely killed his tomato plants.  

But he didn't let it go there; he has turned it
into a police matter.  The two he points a
finger at aren't related or even friendly enough
in my book to have done something like that.
One is male, one is female.  

I say forget the tomatoes, start over after the
heat of summer, and let it go.   But he's the kind
who doesn't let go of things, even things that 
happened more than five years ago.  

Sorry.  Odd little story to add here, totally not
related to anything much, other than I have to
work with this person on a daily basis, and 
sometimes it affects me greatly to hear the
Image result for no dramastories, accusations, implications of what may
result from this.  I fear it will cause the two 
co-workers to transfer out of the store.  
Some days I come home exhausted just from
the telling and retelling.  I've even resorted to
putting in an earplug - and when I can get away
with it, listening to my mp3 player!

Sometimes the drama of other peoples' lives
leach over into our own, even when we don't 
want for it to happen.   Maybe I should tack
this sign up on my wall at work.  hehehehehe

08 April 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ready for The Wedding Shower.
2.5 hours drive to destination
and back again, as I didn't take Sadie along.
Last weekend was very busy!

I'm not one to enjoy
a lot of "busy - ness "
I get plenty of that at
my day job.  When I
am home, it's time for
me, time to persue the
things that feed my soul:

Long walks with Sadie
help in a big way, along
with reading a good book,
watching an enjoyable movie
or listening to music.

Without those things,
it's difficult to be in a
place where I feel the
creative pull to do ....
what I do.

We had a rain shower last night
and I woke up in the wee hours
listening to it rain.  Of course I
was anxious for first light to get
there's something about the
smell of the wet desert.....