20 March 2016

Find Stillness

Today, find a place of stillness

When things feel topsy turvy at work -
and they often do, as I am a perfectionist
with slight OCD conditions - the one thing
I seek out is quiet, solitude, quietude.

It recharges my battery, calms my soul
and makes me able to face another day.

It's not the work itself that becomes too much,
it is the people.  There are many who do not - 
or cannot - work in an orderly fashion.  
Maybe that sounds crazy, but why would a
person pick up and put down the same item
over and over?  I'm a one-touch worker:  if I
pick it up, I deal with it right then and there.
It seems to me that some people might gain
many minutes in their day if they just did things
a little less frenetic and a little more orderly.

Yes, that's my own issue, and I realize it. 
Most days, most times, I can work around 
those and do my own thing.  Other days, their
"issues" are burdened upon me; the tasks I 
can handle, the negative energy that comes 
my way from those people is the harder issue.

Which is why my home time is so precious 
to me, why I need my space and quiet, 
to set my bare feet on the Earth, letting the
negative flow out, the positive recharge me.

19 March 2016


“When people look at my pictures 

I want them to feel the way they do 

when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” 

― Robert Frank

maybe it's an Instagram influence
but I'm becoming fond of the 
5x5 format lately.  Or maybe it
reminds me of the old polaroids
(yes, I'm that old!) 

back in the day, that was the 
easiest way to have sexy selfies
done -- take them yourself, no 
processing involved!  

16 March 2016

Desert Living

“Somehow, we'll find it.

The balance between

whom we wish to be and

whom we need to be.

But for now, we simply

have to be satisfied

with who we are.”

― Brandon Sanderson

I walked Sadie into the

backyard just as the sun

disappeared beyond the

horizon.  The colors that

'bounce' after sunset

are often the most beautiful.

I'm not sure a camera or

photo can convey all that the

eye encompasses looking at

these astounding colors.

I love living in the desert!

15 March 2016


Just a month away
until the Big Day

so I had to try on my

Anne Klein's and see

if I can actually 

stand wearing them

on my feet!

I'm not much in the 

way of fancy shoes,

too impractical for


11 March 2016

Don't Ever

Don’t ever give up on

what’s in your heart

Don’t ever let go of

What it is you believe in

Don’t ever say 

the road is too tough

And that it’s better to quit

Don’t ever think 

that you don’t matter;

Because you’re important

Don’t ever let anyone 

tell you that you can’t 

follow your dreams

I have been feeling philosophical lately

lots of family time coming up, and in a

blended family, it's not always easy. 

It's my daughter's big day, my ex will

be there.  So will my ex mother-in-law

who was once also my boss.  

Yes, lots of awkward moments just waiting to happen! 

So a few quotes found for bolstering me up

Have a happy week! 

10 March 2016


“I have outgrown many things. 

I have outgrown relatives who gladly offer criticism but not support. 

I have outgrown shrinking myself for boys 

who are intimidated by my intelligence and outspoken nature. 

I have outgrown trying to please everyone. 

I have outgrown society constantly telling me 

I'm not beautiful, smart, or worthy enough. 

I have outgrown trying to fix every little flaw. 

I have outgrown my tendency to fill my mind with self-doubt and insecurity.

I have outgrown trying to find reasons not to love myself. 

I have outgrown anything and anyone that does not enrich the essence of my soul. 

I have outgrown many things, and I've never felt freer.” 

― Chanda Kaushik

In all honesty, these are goals that I am
continually working on. 
Sometimes I slip.
Sometimes the doubts creep back in.
But I've learned how to deal. 
And every day is a little better than the last.

As they used to say :
"You've come a long way, baby"

09 March 2016


“Perhaps we shall learn, as we pass through this age, 

that the 'other self" is more powerful than the physical self 

we see when we look into a mirror.” 

― Napoleon Hill

08 March 2016

Love Yourself First

“There are women who struggle to GAIN weight who are beautiful. 

There are women who struggle to LOSE weight who are beautiful. 

You know who is the most beautiful? 

Those who learn to love themselves the way they are. 

You don't need to change for ANYONE.” 

― Teresa Mummert

I started this blog with LOVE in mind, 
using it as a theme at times, 
and while there are those I love,
each in a different way, 
the most important love
is learning to love myself - just the way I am.

07 March 2016

Monday - Ugh

I laughed when I viewed this photo....

it almost looks like I'm trying to

tug this poor palm tree

out of the ground!  


When I checked the posts on this blog,

I found it hard to believe that a week

flew by without a post.

I took a few photos during the week

but haven't had a moment to myself

to do much of anything.

This is a busy month for me --

the big Wedding is coming up fast,

everyone at work seems to want

their vacation at the same time

which means plenty of filling in

on different tasks for me

along with different work days.  Ugh.

06 March 2016

Hat it Again!

I was awake a good portion of Friday night,
it happens when my mind is busy sorting through things.

Porn vs Art - what's the fine line?

I read an article written by a mom, intended for young girls,
called "I am not free porn".  With the advent of selfies
and the internet carried around on our phones now, it's so 
easy for a person to take a selfie to share.  Her point was 
that guys who ask for naked selfies aren't looking to have
a relationship of any kind, they just want free porn.  

I'm not sure if there was a religious basis to the article,
but it stuck in my mind and churned there, keeping me
awake until after 2am.  

I finally got up and logged in, thinking that maybe it was
a sign for me to finally quit this blog.  And I started looking
at the photos, the quotes, and little pieces of me that I put
into writing - and didn't delete anything.  

This has always been about my art, 
not free porn,
and I intend to keep it that way.  

05 March 2016

Red Hat

A hat is not

just a hat.

A hat is the expression

of a woman's soul.

-Lily Doche

I am a not very ordinary woman.
I have quirks and foibles and 
yes, even obsessions.
One of them is hats. 
I like them, but I don't wear them often.
I'm not sure why, even though I have 
quite the collection of hats! 

Maybe because they make me feel 
dressed up.

In my mind's eye in the dark of last night,
an image sort of like this came to me.
However, it was with long, silky legs
and a hat perched so cleverly on my ass.

SO not what appeared in the photo.
But then a 10-second self timer 
doesn't allow for much set-up in the
viewer.  If so, I might have moved 
the garden hose, and Sadie's ragged toy.
And so it goes.